What is expected when volunteering at Hockey Alberta

You as a volunteer are the face of Hockey Alberta within your community and as such Hockey Alberta expects you to represent yourself and the organization to the highest level, specifically Hockey Alberta expects our volunteers to be:

Reliable – provide consistent, timely, responsive performance

Respectful – treat people or situations in a way that shows the issue and/or individual is important and is being given serious consideration.

Invested – utilize time and skills for the purpose or achievement of goals associated with Hockey Alberta.

Professional – demonstrate behavior of the highest standard regardless of the audience.

What can Hockey Alberta provide for you

At Hockey Alberta we are committed to the development of our volunteers, both in your role and as a person. We accomplish this through evaluations done during the year, including formal mid-season and year-end evaluations. In addition, Hockey Alberta dedicates specific time for training and exchange of ideas through a volunteer leadership retreat and meetings throughout the year.

Volunteering with Hockey Alberta also offers the following opportunities:

  • To stay involved in the game that you love
  • To engage the community to improve the game of hockey in Alberta
  • To develop interpersonal skills that go beyond the game

Finally, Hockey Alberta recognizes our volunteers with things such as a season kickoff gift, tenure recognition and gifts, and social activities.

The Role of Committees at Hockey Alberta

Committees provide direction to the Chief Executive Officer on issues related to their specific stakeholders (for example, female hockey or junior hockey participants). This is done through active engagement and regular communication with the stakeholders the committee represents, understanding the overall hockey landscape and how it applies to those committee stakeholders, and providing meaningful input during meetings.

An effective committee is one that can provide a diverse set of opinions and that will leave no stone unturned when coming to a decision or recommendation. That is why Hockey Alberta believes strongly in the importance of Committees throughout the organization.

The information provided by Hockey Alberta’s Committees to the Chief Executive Officer helps direct:

  • operational decisions such as the AA Hockey model
  • strategic decisions such as the body checking decision, and
  • governance decisions such as Hockey Alberta’s change to a Board of Directors policy governance model.

Committees that fit this role include, but are not limited to: Senior Male, Junior B/C, Female, Minor Leagues, Player Safety, Aboriginal Hockey, and Operations Advisory committees.

Hockey Alberta Committees also fulfill some of the key functions of the organization, including human resources, and the day-to-day administration of the game. Administrative responsibilities include:

  • ensuring players meet age and location criteria
  • ensuring teams are properly registered
  • ensuring players are insured for the activities in which they participate, and
  • undertaking disciplinary action, when required.

These committees include: Volunteer Human Resources, Minor Administration, Minor Regulations, and Minor Discipline committees.