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Minor Female Hockey

Alberta currently has close to 8,000 females participating in our sport and female hockey is currently one of the fastest growing sports in the province. Whether your daughter is just starting out or has been playing for a number of years - there are a number of great opportunities for her to become involved in female hockey.

Female hockey provides the opportunity for girls to engage in a healthy, active lifestyle while developing new friendships that will last after the hockey season ends. Female Hockey allows girls to develop as athletes and as citizens of Alberta, learning key life lessons through their participations in Canada’s game. Getting your daughter involved in hockey will help to:

  • Set goals and work hard to achieve those goals.
  • Learn from setbacks and handling adversity in a positive way.
  • Work with others and strive to achieve a collective team goals.
  • Grow as a leader and prepare for life outside the arena.
  • Enjoy Hockey For Life!

Female Hockey Day

Female Hockey Day is a Hockey Alberta initiative aimed at bringing female players, parents, coaches, and supporters together for the development, growth, and celebration of the game. Beginning in 2018, Female Hockey Day has made stops in Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Lloydminster and was held virtually via Zoom in 2021.


Hockey Alberta

Hockey Alberta Girls Hockey Resource

Hockey Alberta has created this resource to provide information on building a sustainable girls hockey program. Topics include development, engagement strategies and recruitment strategies, along with key considerations for minor hockey associations to work together to create an all girls program. This information is a guide and can be adjusted to fit your association’s needs.

If my Resident Association does not offer female hockey, can my daughter participate with an association with a female team?

Yes, female hockey is available to all of our registered female players. If your association does not offer female hockey, you can go through our Player Movement Process to go to the next closest association that offers female hockey. You will need to fill out a Player Movement Form and check the box “No Team in my age Division in my Resident Association” and acquire all of the necessary signatures. Your minor hockey association or the Minor Female Regulation Coordinator can assist you if your family has any questions about the process.

If my daughter is registered on a boys team, is she able to play female hockey as well?

Yes, associations can apply for a female who is playing (mainstream) boys to affiliate to an all female team. Please contact your local minor hockey association for assistance with the process.

What are the benefits to having my daughter play female hockey?

  • Female Peers - Young girls will get the opportunity to engage with other females that share similar interests through sport and may help them feel more accepted. The social component is just as important as development as many girls leave the sport at an early age because they do not feel accepted among mainstream (boys) teams.
  • Female Focused Coaching - There are subtle differences between the mainstream (boys) and female game. Coaches that coach female hockey will understand the differences as well as how to work with and inspire female athletes. They are also more familiar with the opportunities that female hockey provides and can give guidance to families and players about the next level.
  • Female Coaches - Associations with female teams are more likely to have female coaches working with these athletes. They have a vested interest in recruiting former players to help with their association teams. Female coaches understand the needs of their athletes, the pathway for female athletes and can provide important mentorship for your daughter.
  • Mentorship Programs - Associations with female programs will more than likely host a mentorship program. Whether your daughter is U9 or U18, this is an important opportunity for these athletes to either have role models in their own community or to give back to the younger generation of players.
  • Leadership - Playing female hockey will give your daughter more of an opportunity to become a leader on her team that she may not receive on a mainstream (boys) team.
  • Development - If considering playing mainstream (boys) hockey, it is important to think of development in terms of playing time. An important piece of development is getting the opportunity to get ice time in a variety of situations (5 on 5, powerplay, penalty kill, etc.) during games as it helps to build the players confidence and motivates them to improve their skills.

My daughter is graduating from U13 into U15 and she is interested in AA Hockey, where can she play?

We currently have 12 U15 AA programs across Alberta that compete in the Alberta Female Hockey League. Each team is made up of girls from across a specific Recruitment Zone and it is based on your Resident Minor Hockey Association (not last played). To see where your daughter can tryout, click here for the list of Draw Zones.

Additional information about the Alberta Female Hockey League and our three divisions, U18 Female AAA, U18 Female AA, and U15 Female AA can be found on the AFHL website.

Additional Resources on the benefits of female participation in sports:

Guide to Female Hockey in Canada

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Women in Sport: Fueling a Lifetime of Participation

Minor Female Regulations >

For more information please contact: 

Minor Female Chair: Julie Feragan
Minor Female League Coordinator, North: TBD
Minor Female League Coordinator, Central: Dana Henfrey
Minor Female League Coordinator, South: Russ Huck
Edmonton - Ron Oscroft
Calgary - Dan Giasson