Lacey Senuk, Official of the Year. Photo Credit: 6 Hearts

Official of the Year

One award presented annually to an official who has made an outstanding contribution to amateur hockey during the current season. The recipient will have obtained all necessary certifications, is looked upon as a “leading” official within his/her community and is dedicated to the development of officiating by assisting with supervision, mentoring and/or training of younger and lower level officials.

Lacey Senuk (St. Albert)

The Official of the Year for 2019 has excelled at the highest levels nationally and internationally, but also serves as an important resource at the regional level as a mentor and instructor for aspiring officials in the Edmonton area.

Lacey Senuk is a level 5 referee in the north region who has worked many prestigious international hockey events. In 2017-18 season, Lacey earned an IIHF U18 assignment in Russia. And this year, she followed up by refereeing the 4-Nations Cup old medal game. She also refereed the gold medal game from the world women’s championship in Espoo, Finland in 2019.

At the regional level, Lacey does supervisions and mentor skates with younger officials in St. Albert. A mentor skate involves working the lines when an official is doing their first bantam aa game as a linesman, the goal is to help the young official through the transition to this higher hockey.

But Lacey’s biggest contribution in St. Albert is during referee advanced technical training monthly skates. Officials have 90 minutes of ice every month and lacey organizes and leads the drills for 35 to 40 officials. Lacey uses the drills designed for someone who skates at her level, which helps elevate the skills showed by young officials in their games. Lacey will work one on one with anyone who asks her to help improve their game.

In addition to the hockey that Lacey skates for in the elite programs around the north region and across the province, she regularly skates games in both our Raider Elite Hockey and our federation games. Sharing her knowledge with those she skates with and boosting our program.

Chad Huseby (Red Deer)