Accredited Schools

An Accredited School Program is a school-based hockey program. In order to be considered for approval, the program must have a formal partnership with a recognized Educational Institution; and the partnership must be endorsed by the Branch. Hockey Alberta offers a number of approved Accredited School programs for players to choose as their hockey option.

Banff Hockey Academy - Banff

  • Midget Female, Midget Female Prep, Midget Male Varsity, Midget Male Prep

Dynamic Hockey Development - Devon

  • Midget Male, Midget Female, Midget 15 Male, Bantam Prep

Edge School for Athletes - Calgary

  • Midget Male, Midget Female, Midget 15 Male, Bantam Male

Okanagan Hockey Group - Edmonton

  • Midget Male, Bantam Male

International Hockey Academy - Calgary

  • Midget Male, Bantam Male