Health and Safety

Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada are committed to a safe and fun environment for all participants to enjoy the game. Because of the nature of the game of hockey – the skills, the pace, and the playing area, injuries can occur from time to time. The impact of these unfortunate occurrences can be minimized by taking the proper steps to prevent, recognize, and manage injuries effectively.

Prevention starts with the right attitude, preparation (warmup and cool down), and protection (proper equipment). One of the most important things in preventing injuries is respect, and that respect starts with the example you as a parent set:

  • Encourage your child to never check to the head, hit someone from behind, or attempt to injure a fellow player
  • Be a positive influence by encouraging and celebrating positive behaviors like teamwork and skill development rather than negative behaviors like intimidation.
  • Understand and respect the rules and reasons they are in place.
  • Communicate to your child why certain rules are emphasized.