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HA 2025

Hockey Alberta

Host Kara Spady and Hockey Alberta CEO Rob Litwinski
with a look ahead at the 23-24 season.

Based on the organization’s Vision. Mission and Values, Hockey Alberta’s Board of Directors has provided strategic direction for Hockey Alberta to establish and achieve four significant Objectives to provide new and improved opportunities for all participants to enjoy the sport of hockey.

The strategic direction statements from the Board of Directors include:

  • Hockey Alberta will build a shared vision with members, stakeholders, and partners to deliver consistently to participants.
  • Hockey Alberta participants will experience programs, services and opportunities that are fun, safe, fair and inclusive.
  • Hockey Alberta will grow the game and develop participants enabling them to continue in the game, give back to the game and give back as community leaders. .
  • Hockey Alberta will have the diversified financial and human resources required to provide operational excellence to the members and participants.

After making significant strides in the 2021-22 and 2022-23 seasons, Hockey Alberta has refocused its Objectives, and the Key Results that will help achieve those Objectives, as we continue to work towards HA 2025 and beyond.

The overall plan of where we expect to be by 2025 has not changed. Based on our plan, we will:

  • Expand our stakeholders and partners to drive retention, growth and recruitment, and development
  • Serve our customer segments, not require everyone to fit into a one-size-fits-all model
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion in our game
  • Shift to a programming and administration model aligned with leagues
  • Have dedicated assessment and development plans for our member organizations, coaches and officials
  • Measure the player experience and adjust as necessary to continually improve.

What steps are we taking to achieve these objectives by 2025?

We have updated our plan to have four core objectives - all of which are intended to enhance the experience of players in Alberta. Those objectives include the following key areas of focus. Included under each tab are key results to help achieve each Objective:

OBJECTIVE: Nurture a positive hockey culture.

Description: Hockey Alberta sanctioned activities will be accessible, inclusive and safe for participants of all abilities, backgrounds, and interests. We will work to eliminate maltreatment, bullying and harassment from the game.

Key Results

  • Reduce on-ice incidents of discrimination by 20%.
  • Implement training programs for awareness and education for HA leaders, Members and Participants on equity, diversity and inclusion.

OBJECTIVE: Increase the number of players.  

Description: We will create a welcoming environment to introduce and attract more youth (under 18 years of age) players to the game, engaging them in flexible/ alternative hockey options and sharing the benefits of membership. We will use partnerships and programs/ initiatives to focus on a diverse customer base.

Key Results

  • Introduce hockey to 2,500 non-registered youth (U18).

  • Deliver, support and/ or partner to offer 40 grow the game programs and initiatives.

  • Register 2,000 more players with Hockey Alberta sanctioned programs for the 24-25 season.

OBJECTIVE: Increase overall player satisfaction.

Description: We will positively impact the year over year retention rate of players by enhancing the experience provided by our Members and Leagues. 

Key Results

  • Increase the satisfaction rate of Players with their League experience by 2 per cent.

  • Increase the satisfaction rate of Players with their MHA experience by 2 per cent.

  • Increase the satisfaction rate of Players with officiating by 2 per cent.

  • Increase the satisfaction rate of Players with coaching by 2 per cent.

OBJECTIVE:  Increase profit generation.

Description: To help keep fees to participants as low as possible and to re-invest into the game, we will seek additional ‘net’ revenue through existing and new partnerships, we will establish standard profit margins for specific streams of revenue, and we will identify diverse opportunities to create new revenue sources.

Key Results

  • Generate an additional $75,000 NET in Sponsorship and Service Agreements

  • Generate $25,000 NET in 50/50 raffles

  • Generate $50,000 NET in new/ added programs and event revenue

  • Generate $25,000 NET in new/ added Grants.