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HA 2025

Hockey Alberta

Hockey Alberta CEO Rob Litwinski talked about HA 2025 on the Centre Ice Podcast.

Hockey Alberta

In 2015, Hockey Alberta set new Vision and Mission statements, establishing clearly that we are here for the players as well as all stakeholders in sanctioned hockey in the province.

In 2020, Hockey Alberta completed a thorough review and amendment of our Values, which are the foundation by which an organization operates.

In 2021, Hockey Alberta finalized a plan which features measurable Objectives and Key Results to chart our path to 2025.

Based on the Vision. Mission and values, Hockey Alberta’s Board of Directors provided strategic direction for Hockey Alberta to establish strategic objectives. key results and goals for the next four years as we work towards a revolutionized hockey system - HA 2025.

Where do we expect to be by 2025? Based on our plan, we will:

  • Expand our stakeholders and partners to drive retention, growth and recruitment, and development
  • Serve our customer segments, not require everyone to fit into a one-size-fits-all model
  • Focus on diversity and inclusion in our game
  • Shift to a programming and administration model aligned with leagues
  • Have dedicated assessment and development plans for our member organizations. coaches and officials
  • Measure the player experience and adjust as necessary to continually improve.

What steps are we taking to achieve these objectives by 2025?

We have built a measurable plan which has five core objectives - all of which are intended to enhance the experience of players in Alberta. Those objectives and key results include the following key areas of focus. Included under each tab are goals and projects already started to help achieve each Key Result:

OBJECTIVE A: Provide choice and flexibility for customers within an aligned Minor Hockey competition model.  

Key Results

1: Compliance to 100% of the operating standards by all minor leagues.

Alberta One Minor Leagues Project >
2: A new model for the top level of U11 established.

U11 AA Pilot Project >
3: A new model for the top level of U13 established.
4: Review of the current MHA boundary structure.
5: 80% satisfaction rate of participants with their League experience.

OBJECTIVE B: Create a new MHA Standards and Development program that provides participants with consistency in services and support from MHAs.

Key Results

1: 5 MHA Liaisons trained and engaging with MHAs to provide support.
2: 75% attendance at all MHA Engagement sessions.                                    
3: 100% of MHAs trained and using the new Hockey Alberta MHA portal platform.
4: 50% of MHAs successfully completing an MHA Assessment.

OBJECTIVE C:  Enhanced Coach Development Pathway providing education, training, and certification for all coaches.

Key Results

1: Tracking of coach education and development for 100% of MHAs.           
2: 100% of head coaches at the AA and AAA level engaged in the coach development plan.
3: 50% of head coaches at the tiered level engaged in Coach Development Plan.
4: Exchange Program in place for 12 coaching leaders in Alberta.

OBJECTIVE D:  Create additional delivery options that activate both MHAs and non-MHA organizations to increase youth/minor players participation in the game.

Key Results

1: Established ‘Try Hockey’ initiatives introducing hockey to 500 new participants.
2: Registration of 6 new Recreational Hockey programs with Hockey Alberta.

Recreational Hockey Model >
3: 5 new delivery partners to reach ‘under-represented’ participants.
4: Increase the retention rate of 13-17-year-olds by 5% in registered MHA programs.
5: Use 90% of Donations received to Hockey Alberta Donation Fund.

OBJECTIVE E: Increase revenue by $500,000 through programs, events and partnerships.

Key Results

1: Operate an AGLC 50/50 with Provincials.
2: Have sold 50% of the total estimated value of the Hockey Alberta properties.
3: 5% increase in service agreement revenue.
4: Host/ partner to operate new programs or events that generate profit.