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Online Coach Professional Development

With a focus on coaches in the minor hockey system, the Online Coach Professional Development sessions covered a number of topics ranging from Hockey I.Q. to coach interviews. Online presentations will once again be available in the future.


For more information or if you have questions regarding the sessions, please contact Stephen Pattison, Manager, Coach Development

Topic Description Facilitator Moderator Presentation
Mental Performance in Sport What is mental performance, and why it is important for coaches to begin a toolbox of awareness. Barry Medori Stephen Pattison View Presentation >
The Fundamentals of Hockey Sense Exploring all pre-requisite skills of hockey I.Q. Mike McGinnis View Presentation >
Player Habits This presentation dives into the habits and characteristics that are recommended for players to be successful. These habits can be implemented and taught to all levels of minor hockey players at different stages of age and development. Fran Gow Mike Applegate View Presentation >
21 Ways to be a Good Teammate This presentation dives into a different side of the game that coaches need to focus on, how to develop people first and players second. If you can have your players and team understand the value of being a great teammate, you will be able to have true success as a coach and I bet you will put up a few more W’s on the ice as well. Jesse Hale Stephen Pattison View Presentation >
Being More vs. Doing More (Building a Mental Framework in our Athletes) This webinar helps coaches support the growth and development of their athletes’ mental health and well-being. It will provide practical examples that we can build into our current cultures and team structure that will help build mental skills in our athletes. Jason Wiwad & Tyler Smith Stephen Pattison View Presentation >
D Skills: Developing Gaps Identifying the key skills and mindset to develop gaps for players of all levels: win the gaps, win the game. Alyssa Gagliardi (Carolina Hurricanes) Stephen Pattison View Presentation >