MHA Safety Person

Hockey Alberta has introduced the Safety Lead position for Local Minor Hockey Associations effective for the 2019-20 season.

The position is not mandatory, but it is strongly recommended that each association identify one person for this role to help ensure that all minor hockey participants are provided with safe and fun environment.

Key responsibilities of the Safety Lead include:

  • Serving as a direct contact with Hockey Alberta to share safety-related information within his/her association and provide feedback at the grassroots level;
  • Being a champion of participant safety and risk management within his/her local association; and
  • Ensuring specific safety initiatives are being completed,

While the ideal candidate will have a background in health care, the most important characteristics for this position are a passion for safety in the game, the ability to communicate effectively, and strong organizational skills.:

  • Build or enhance concussion protocol
  • Build or enhance Return to Play (RTP) protocol
  • Collect and review all RTP
  • Ensure each team has collected Medical Information files
  • Ensure each team has a stocked First Aid kit
  • Ensure each team has an Emergency Action Plan
  • Help teams and/or parents complete Hockey Canada Injury Report
  • Coordinate a First Aid course if MHA has a demand
  • Host a Team Safety Lead meeting at least once per season

While the ideal candidate will have a background in health care, the minimum qualifications would include:

  • Successful completion of Hockey Canada’s Online Safety Program
  • Successful completion of Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program
  • Passionate about improving Safety in hockey
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Resources to help build:
    o Concussion protocol
    o Return to Play protocol
    o Medical Information Sheets
    o First Aid kit items list
    o Emergency Action Plan outline

  • How to information for Hockey Canada Injury Report
  • Information on booking St John Ambulance for a First Aid course (and discount code)
  • PowerPoint for Team Safety Lead meeting
  • Opportunity to attend and/or host the Hockey Alberta Concussion Presentation
  • In-person meeting September 7 in Red Deer, to help get you started and network.