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MHA Safety Person

Keeping participants safe is a key responsibility of any association. Similar to other key responsibilities, such as participant development or governance, having a dedicated leader focusing on participant safety will ensure that a safe and fun environment will remain at the forefront of your association.

Hockey Alberta has compiled the following resources to help your association’s Safety Leader provide effective leadership within your association.

Key responsibilities of the Safety Lead include:

  • Serving as a direct contact with Hockey Alberta to share safety-related information within his/her association and provide feedback at the grassroots level;
  • Being a champion of participant safety and risk management within his/her local association; and
  • Ensuring specific safety initiatives are being completed,

While the ideal candidate will have a background in health care, the most important characteristics for this position are a passion for safety in the game, the ability to communicate effectively, and strong organizational skills.:

The key responsibilities for the MHA Safety Leader include:

  1. Provide leadership within the association with respect to participant safety,
  2. Lead the management of the association’s team safety people,
  3. Ensure the association and team safety people are implementing key safety initiatives and practices,
  4. Act as Liaison with Hockey Alberta to share safety related information to his or her association and to provide safety related feedback on behalf of his or her association.


The Safety Leader is expected to be a leader within the association. While this responsibility can be daunting for some, as part of Hockey Alberta’s inaugural MHA Safety Leader Development day, Hockey Alberta recruited Laura Naldrett of the 2019 Canada Winter Games to provide some tips on being a leader within your association.

While this presentation was designed for the Safety Leader role, the themes can be applied across your organization.  

A brief introduction to Laura, her background, and how the 2019 Canada Winter Games experience translates to your association. 

An introduction to the Volunteer Life Cycle and how it contributes to retaining good volunteers.

Laura discusses what is important to volunteers and how you can ensure they have a positive experience in your organization.

Laura shares some best practices on how to recruit the right people for your team or teams.  

Sustainable change occurs when it is embedded in the culture of an organization and the culture of an organization can be one of the biggest influences on the success of any new initiative. As a Safety Leader in your association you are looked upon to be a leader in having a safety focused culture in your association. While the thought of this may be intimidating for some, Hockey Alberta has compiled resources to help lead, embed, and sustain change in your association.

The success of any initiative starts with strong board support. Hear from representatives of Okotoks Minor Hockey on the importance of board support was to fulfilling the organization’s vision in being a leader in creating a safe environment for their participants. 

The motivation for change can occur as the result of any number of reasons. Hear from representatives of Okotoks Minor Hockey on the situation the served as a catalyst for change in the association and the importance of the Emergency Action Plan. 

There are numerous factors that lead to the successful implementation of a new initiative. Hear from representatives from Okotoks Minor Hockey on the key factors that have led to the successful implementation of their safety initiatives. 

Implementing change may not necessarily be smooth. Hear from representatives of Okotoks Minor Hockey on the challenges the organization faced in implementing their initiatives and how the organization was able to overcome these challenges. 

One consideration that can be overlooked in any change initiative can be cost. Hear from representatives of Okotoks Minor Hockey Association about budget considerations when implementing such an initiative.