Alternate Season Hockey

Hockey Canada and its branches support the Long Term Player Development (LTPD) model and the need for athletes to participate in other sports. However, there are some families that make hockey their choice for physical activity during the typical off-season.

Hockey Alberta is committed to improving the experience for those who wish to participate during the off-season and we are focused on making the experience as valuable, safe and fair for the participants as possible.

Hockey Alberta, BC Hockey, Saskatchewan Hockey Association, and Hockey Manitoba have established the Alternate Season as a window of time for those that wish to continue hockey outside of the traditional model. Developing skills should always remain the focus of the program. Any organization seeking sanctioning within this Alternate Season will need to outline its philosophy and clearly articulate its approach to ensuring the focus on player development remains. Some of the features of the Alternate Season include:

  • Registration options for Team Programs, Development Programs and/or Hockey Schools;
  • Team Programs are defined as hockey programs operating between April 1 and July 15;
  • Development Programs and Hockey Schools could operate at any time throughout the year;
  • Registration will take place through the Branch and insurance will be provided through the Hockey Canada program;
  • Participants that were registered with a sanctioned, member MHA during the traditional season will not have to pay the insurance fees again for the Alternate Season;
  • All coaching requirements as set out by the Branch for minor hockey will apply to the Alternate Season;
  • The Branch and/or Hockey Canada Minimum Suspensions and Discipline guidelines are in place for all players and coaches for conduct on and off the ice;

Any organization (MHA or otherwise) wishing to register their program with Hockey Alberta may inquire about eligibility by submitting a completed Alternate Season Program Sanction Request to the Hockey Alberta office. Programs will be considered for sanctioning and registration if they:

  • Are willing to adhere to all Hockey Alberta and Hockey Canada rules, regulations and policies;
  • Have an established player development plan specific to the target age group(s);
  • Are operating a Team(s), Development Program / Camp or Hockey School;
  • Have a process in place to screen potential team officials and program operators.