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Off-Ice Safety

A safe environment does not only include the actual playing surface, consideration must be made for all aspects of the facility and is the responsibility of all everyone.

The following are guidelines to help you monitor off-ice safety hazards with your activity:


  • Ensure that all potential billets are carefully screened (using the 10 Step process outlined under screening), and that only responsible, reliable billets, who meet the standards outlined by Hockey Canada are chosen. Inform billets of any special needs of the players they will be billeting, including illnesses, medication and dosage guidelines and any special dietary requirements.

The Ice Contract

  • Do not sign any rink rental agreement or other contract that transfers liability for the actions of individuals who are not under your control, direction or supervision. If you are concerned about the contents of the contract, the Hockey Alberta Office will provide you with information about how the contract can be reviewed by Hockey Canada’s insurer.

The Dressing Room

  • Dressing rooms are free from debris, cleaned regularly, properly lit and checked for any electrical or fire hazards.
  • Solid, rubber padding or other non-slip surface is available for participants and officials to walk on from dressing room area to the ice surface, and hallways are properly lit and free from electrical and fire hazards.
  • If your team has male and female participants ensure that any separate dressing areas are safe, supervised, and comparable for both genders. In the event shower/dressing rooms are limited, each gender shall take turns using the shower/dressing room.

Inside the arena

  • All teams and officials know the location of Fire Exits and First Aid Kits within the arena facility, and that all Fire Exits are accessible.
  • Concessions are free from electrical and fire hazards, and that any volunteers are trained in the operation of all appliances and equipment, and are aware of all hazards within the concession area.
  • All wet floors and spills are attended to quickly to help make sure no one slips on any wet surfaces.
  • Any banners are securely and safely fastened and that all safety precautions are taken in the hanging of any banners or signs.
  • Ensure there are game announcements and signage pertaining to the dangers of pucks leaving the ice surface.

Outside the arena

  • Walkways and parking lots leading to arena entrances are free from snow, ice, water or debris and any hazards are clearly marked.

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