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2024 Prospects Cup Trainer Applications

General Information

The Team Alberta Prospects Cup is part of the Hockey Alberta Development Program. It provides all players, coaches and trainers an equal opportunity to discover the great qualities of competitive hockey in a well-organized and fair Zone Camp and Select Team competition.

As part of the program an emphasis is placed on the development and identification of Alberta’s best hockey people; that might have an opportunity to represent Alberta at future national or international events. The Prospects Cup leads able participants through the development process to the Alberta Cup, Team Alberta and Team Canada programs.

The preparation and training of the coaches and trainers for the Prospects Cup is crucial to the success of the program and ensures quality leadership for the future of Hockey in Alberta. Hockey Alberta routinely selects only the best available coaches, trainers and referees to develop, but ensures their commitment to excellence and fairness in the program.

2024 Prospects Cup: May 8-12 (Red Deer)

  • We are looking for one support staff to head up the Safety Program for each of the Prospects Cup teams through regional camps, team training and competition.
  • Applicants should be training at a fairly competitive level with a minimum of Hockey Canada Safety Program and valid First Aid / CPR certifications.

The Process

All applications must be submitted into the Hockey Alberta office. These positions will stay open until they are filled.

  • All applications must be received into the Hockey Alberta Office on or before October 30.
  • Trainers will be selected & notified by the Hockey Alberta Therapist Selection Committee.
  • Unsuccessful trainers will be notified by email.

Selection Criteria

The following will be some of the criteria considered in selecting therapists for Hockey Alberta Development Programs:

a) Professional Development

  • Qualifications and certification attained - (CPR/First Aid, Hockey Canada Safety Program, Sport First Responder, CATA Certification, Certificate or Diploma in Sport Physiotherapy, Certification Candidate in CATA or Sport Physiotherapy, SMCA Athletic First Aid, SMCA Sports Taping)
  • Attendance and participation at related seminars
  • Education
  • Memberships and affiliations

b) Experience

  • Years of experience in your selected field
  • Scope of experience (teams, responsibilities, events, tournament play)
  • Years of experience with this level of athlete
  • Previous zone or provincial experience (preference given to experience in Team Alberta programs)

c) Hockey Support Staff Experience

  • Experience in prevention, recognition, assessment and care of athletic injuries of a hockey nature, including return to play decisions
  • Must be able to handle/repair equipment, sharpen skates and respond to needs of athletes in a competitive hockey environment.
  • Must have experience in athletic taping and strapping.
  • Experience in physical fitness training and testing.
  • Implementing a practical team nutrition program.
  • Must be experienced with the needs of elite athletes and be willing to spend long hours ensuring equipment and team needs are being met as assigned by Head Coach and Director of Operations.

d) Human Resources

  • Proven ability to take initiative and efficiently use time
  • Proven ability to work with other staff
  • Proven ability to successfully relate to and work with players at this age level
  • Proven ability to successfully cope with deterrents and hardships in a pressure situation
  • Proven ability to be thoroughly organized

e) Knowledge of Program

  • Proven ability to work towards objectives of a program
  • Proven appreciation for and awareness of the unique problems that can conceivably occur in the operation of a zone team

** Preference will be given to CATA Certified Therapists; Certificate or Diploma holders in Sport Physiotherapy or Certification Candidates in CATA or Sport Physiotherapy*

Program Timelines and Expected Commitment

All DOPs are expected to commit to the following activities:

The competition will be eight teams. There will be a draft at each of the four regional camps. There will be two Directors of Operations, six Coaches and two Coach Mentors at each camp.



Team Planning Conference Calls

January - March (set by each individual team)

Regional Camps

April 12-14 (Olds, Calgary, Vegreville & Edmonton)

Prospects Cup Competition

May 8-12 (Red Deer)

Special Information

Please also note that these trainer positions are not paid positions and all therapists are required to complete a Criminal Record Check. Your expenses, including mileage, meals and accommodation costs will be accommodated through the program as budgeted funds allow. Bearing all of the above in mind, we ask that those interested in submitting an application to be a trainer please fill out the form below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave Campbell at [email protected]

2024 Alberta Cup/ Prospects Cup Trainer Application

If you are interested in applying to be a Trainer at the Alberta Cup or Prospects Cup, please complete the form below.

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