Notice of Appeal

An Appeal must be filed as per Hockey Alberta Regulations (Appendix VII – Appeals):

7. Notice of Appeal
All Appeals shall be initiated by notice in writing (“Notice of Appeal”) and filed within seven (7) days of the date of the decision or ruling being appealed. The Notice of Appeal is to be filed via this online form. After submitting your appeal, please confirm that it has been received.

8. Contents of Notice
(a) a statement of the decision which is being appealed, including a copy of the written decision, if any;
(b) concise statements of the grounds for appeal in numbered paragraphs;
(c) concise statements of the facts, in numbered paragraphs, alleged by the Appellant;
(d) if an Appeal Hearing is provided for in these Bylaws, a summary of the evidence which the Appellant intends to produce at the Appeal Hearing, whether by document or viva voce (with the living voice) evidence.

A Conference Call Hearing will have the same parties involved, as an “in-person” hearing, however, a Conference Call may be completed much quicker due to the logistics of setting up an “in-person” hearing.

For a Notice of Appeal to be considered, the appropriate fee must be submitted, payable to Hockey Alberta, as noted below.