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Standardized Tiering

The Standardized Tiering Model is a key component of the Alberta One initiative, where Hockey Alberta and its Minor Leagues work together to build a unified structure and strategic model that enables Leagues to adopt the same tiering, seasonal structure and other operational processes.

Standardized tiering is the first step in this initiative, and the following leagues/ organizations implemented the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model in 2018-19:

Under the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Model, leagues/ organizations operate six tiers within the divisions of Atom, Peewee, Bantam and Midget. Larger leagues/ organizations can split tiers into more manageable groups based on number of teams and travel. Smaller leagues/ organizations may not operate all six tiers within a division but will follow a grid that determines the number of tiers based on the total number of teams at a division.

All leagues/ organizations utilize the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Grid as a starting point in their tiering placement. The grid provides all Minor Hockey Associations a starting point for the placement of their teams within a specific division. Teams then proceed through tiering rounds for final placement determined by policies of the individual league.

With one season completed under the tiering model, Hockey Alberta’s Minor Leagues Committee has made a few adjustments to the Alberta One Standardized Tiering Grid. Specifically, the changes to the Tiering Grid come where associations are required to have multiple Tier 1 teams based on the number of teams they have within a division.