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Accredited School - Request for Renewal

Please use the following form to apply for a renewal for your Hockey Canada Accredited School Status. The information gathered here is for the use of the Branch and Hockey Canada. This document is due on or before October 1 of the current season.

As per the HCAS Policy, Accredited School Renewal Requests must provide the following items:

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Covering Letter
  3. Business Plan (3 year minimum)
  4. Management / Owners Resumes
  5. Background of Organization
  6. Objectives
  7. Mission Statement
  8. Keys to Success
  9. Company Structure
  10. Facilities
  11. Location
  12. Product and Description
  13. Marketing Plan
  14. Education Institution Agreement
  15. Athletic / Academic Delivery Model
  16. Athlete / Student Demographics
  17. Program Budget - Balance Sheet (Proof of insurance and banking relationship)
  18. Appendices

Renewals that include a proposed expansion to the number of teams must provide an amended business plan that includes the following items:

  1. Overview and Rational for Expansion
  2. Proposed Team Structure
  3. Team Official Resumes
  4. Athlete / Student Demographics
  5. Program Budget/Balance Sheet