Accredited School - Request for Renewal

Please use the following form to apply for a license renewal for your Accredited School. The information gathered here is for the use of the Branch and Hockey Canada. This document is due on or before October 1 of the current season.

For Program Renewals, the following items must be completed in full and submitted:

  • Renewal Application Form

  • Renewals that include proposed changes to the operational structure must provide an amended business plan that clearly outlines all changes. If the changes alter the incorporated organization or the educational agreement, supporting documentation must be amended and submitted as well.

Renewals that include a proposed expansion to the number of teams must provide an amended business plan that includes the following items:

  1. Overview and Rational for Expansion
  2. Proposed Team Structure
  3. Team Official Resumes
  4. Athlete / Student Demographics
  5. Program Budget/Balance Sheet

Accredited School Request for Renewal

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Changes for Upcoming Season?

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