Registration Exception - HA FILE

This form is used to manage submissions of applications for registration exceptions. The form is to be completed by the Zone Minor Administration Coordinator and is NOT to be shared with any MHA.


  1. MHA submits required documentation to Zone Minor Administration Coordinator.
  2. Zone Minor Administration Coordinator completes this online form, and uploads required documentation.
  3. Form is circulated to rest of the Zone team, with requirement to provide additional details (if applicable) or indicate approval of the application. Failure to respond with 48 hours automatically indicates approval.
  4. Completed application is received by Hockey Alberta office.
  5. Hockey Alberta staff consult with Committee Chair(s).
  6. Decision letter issued within 7-10 business days of application submission.


  1. Move without Parent transfers from one Branch to another (for example, from BC Hockey to Hockey Alberta) require an Appeal to Hockey Canada. The MHA must contact Michelle Skilnick.
  2. Does the applicant meet all the check boxes?
  3. What is the player’s history (for example, player movement applications, transfers, tryouts etc)?

Application for Registration Exception

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Applicant Information

AFFILIATION - Required Documentation

MOVE WITHOUT PARENT - Required Documentation

REGISTRATION - Required Documentation

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