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Overage Player Request Form

NOTE: The Overage Player Request Form will become live on August 15th. The deadline to submit an Overage Player Request Form is October 31st.

Hockey Alberta may allow a Player that is of first year in a division, by date of birth, to register and participate with a team or a lower age division provided they meet the criteria listed below. Approval of all Overage Players must be obtained through application made by the resident Minor Hockey Association to the appropriate League President/ designate and Hockey Alberta Minor Leagues or Minor Female Committee.


  • Required Fields: All fields noted with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
  • Signatures: In lieu of affixing signatures to this ONLINE form, in the Required for Form Submission section, enter the email addresses for the identified individuals who need to approve the application. Each individual will receive an email with a link and access code which gives them access to the form to approved or decline the request. Email updates are provided as each individual authorizes the application.
  • Upload Files: When uploading files, preferred file format is PDF. Only single files can be uploaded. If more than one document is required, it may be necessary to merge into one file.
  • Forward Submission: To forward a copy of the form to recipients not included on the form (i.e. Host MHA/Club Team), enter the email address(es) in the Forward Submission section. Separate each email address by a comma (no spaces required between addresses).
  • Save for Later: Once the form has been started, the form can be saved and completed at a later time by clicking SAVE FOR LATER. If using this option, you must save the provided URL and Access Passcode to access the secure webpage and complete the form submission.
  • Submit: When you click SUBMIT, the recipients entered in the form will receive notice of the form submission by email, with a PDF copy of the form provided as an attachment.

The following is the detailed process for a minor hockey player/ family to follow when requesting permission for Overage Player status. This Overage Player process can be accessed for any of the following scenarios:

  • Player has a physical or mental impairment that would restrict them from participating within their designated age Division;
  • Player’s skill level provides limitations that would restrict them from participating within their designated age Division;
  • Player is from a remote community with no team at their designated age Division within 75 kilometers of travel.
  • Player is a goaltender and there are no other goaltenders for the age Division being applied.

Applications for Junior aged players will only be considered through consultation with Minor Regulations Chair or Minor Female Chair under the following criteria:

  • Minor Hockey: The player is a goaltender and is required to field a U18 team, enrolled full-time in high school, and there are no U18 aged goaltenders within the Minor Hockey Association or within 75 kilometers of travel;
  • Minor Female: The player is still registered full-time in high school, does not have access to a Junior program and/or has a skill set that would restrict her from participating in Junior.

In order to access the Overage Player process, follow the steps below:

  • Completely fill out an Overage Player Application Request Form. Please be sure to include the email of your MHA President in the ’President Email Box’.
  • Your MHA President will receive notification of the request via email and either provide their ’approval’ or ’denial’ of the Overage Player Request.
  • If approved by your MHA President, Hockey Alberta will be notified of the Overage Player Application Form. Hockey Alberta will forward to the appropriate Minor Leagues or Minor Female Coordinator, who will notify the appropriate League to gather their position on the application.
  • Should the appropriate League President/ designate provide approval, they will submit to the appropriate Hockey Alberta Minor Leagues or Minor Female Coordinator for final approval.
  • Applications must be made to the appropriate League President/ designate no later than October 31;
  • Prior to a formal decision, Hockey Alberta may use an evaluation or “trial” period to determine the correct division of hockey for the applicant.
  • Should final approval be given by the appropriate Hockey Alberta Minor Leagues or Minor Female Coordinator, they will notify the applicant, minor hockey association, league and Minor Administration Coordinator.

Please note that Overage Player applications will not be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Application is for a AAA and/ or AA team.
  • Application is for a Junior aged skater, 18 years of age as of December 31 of the current hockey season.
  • Application is based on the dislike of a coach, teammate, ice time or anything conduct related.

Intro to Hockey Overage Player process:

  • Hockey Alberta may allow a Player that is in their first year in the U11 Division, by date of birth, to register and participate in an MHA’s Intro to Hockey Program. Completed applications are to be sent straight to the Hockey Alberta Minor Leagues Committee Coordinator.
  • Minor Hockey Associations will be permitted to proceed, without Hockey Alberta approval, with registering U9 aged participants in the U7 division should they deem it appropriate for the participants development. Notification must be made to the Minor Administration Coordinator.
  • Approved Overage Players will be placed on the lowest team of the specified division within the MHA.
  • Approved Overage Players are eligible to participate with their registered Team in all exhibition, tournament, League and Provincial games;
  • Approved Overage Players are eligible to affiliate to a team of their age appropriate division;
  • Approved Overage Players must be marked as “OA” on all game sheets;
  • A maximum of three (3) Overage Players can be approved per one team;
  • Approved Overage Players may have their overage status revoked at any time within the season up to and including December 31 should it be deemed the player no longer meets the respective prerequisites in which the application was approved;
  • Overage Player approvals are valid for the current season only;