Northern Alberta Interlock Tiering Lead


Northern Alberta Interlock Tiering Lead


The Role


The NAI Tiering Lead is a person that is hired by the NAI Executive and is, therefore, an employee of the league. As an employee, their job is to help the league run smoothly.  They are paid on a per team basis and are paid annually in mid-December. This person’s contract may be reviewed annually.


The applicant must possess the necessary skills and aptitude to be able to handle the rigours of dealing with numerous local MHA executives, coaches, managers, and league reps in a courteous and calm manner. The successful applicant will report to the President of the NAI and is accountable to him/her for proper tiering and reporting. Although this person may handle numerous calls and e-mails, final decisions on all placements must be agreed upon by the Executive.




    • experience working with a board of directors

    • well rounded communication skills with all demographics

    • no direct connection to any member association

    • acute knowledge of scheduling and formatting

    • self-motivated

    • problem solver

    • computer literate with experience using Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.




    • former member of a MHA executive board (preferably as ice convenor or division director) 

    • experience as a coach, manager, or referee

    • working knowledge of travel routes around the league

    • post secondary education in a sport or recreation related program

    • experience with scheduling teams




    • Pre-season


o   create initial placement of teams into tiers


o   make recommendations on team tier movement


o   set pre-season opponents and relay to the scheduler


o   monitor pre-season results


o   adjust pre-season games as needed (change opponents, create new matchups)


o   produce regular season team placement preview


o   lead the tiering meeting; be prepared to defend placements and recommended placements in a concise and educated manner


o   create regular season team placements for committee approval


    • Regular Season


o   set opponents for the first weeks of the regular season


o   monitor for possible late tier re-assignments and recommend to the committee


o   produce regular season game formats and relay to the scheduler


o   monitor regular season to assess competitive compatibility


    • Playoffs


o   produce playoff formats


    • General


o   reduce travel


o   assist and work well with the scheduling personnel and NAI executive


o   communicate effectively with league executive, association reps, and governors


o   attend meetings and conference calls as required


o   monitor changes by external influences (Canadian Hockey Association, Hockey Alberta) that affect operations and advise the executive on possible changes to league operations


o   maintain operational compliance with current regulations and mandates


o   provide resource information as requested




    • must be willing to travel to attend the Fall registration meeting and the Spring AGM

    • time commitment is approximately 500 hours per season

    • must be available every day from September 1st to December 1st

    • required to assist with playoff planning, team placements, and changes from February 1st to March 30th

    •  be available for late night tiering and scheduling sessions

  • be able to re-schedule tiers within 3 days (sometimes more than 1 division at a time)
  • must be committed to the NAI and believe in its objectives as posted in the bylaws

Contact Details

Organization: Northern Alberta Interlock
Contact: Randy Mak
Phone: 780-974-6606

Application Deadline

September 07, 2019

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