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Hockey Alberta’s Officials Committee provides oversight and monitoring of the delivery of the Hockey Canada Officiating Program within Hockey Alberta. The Committee is responsible for the administration, operational standards and development of new components regarding the officiating program in Alberta. Responsibilities include:

  • recruiting, training, mentoring, developing and evaluating officials;
  • selecting and appointing officials for all provincial, regional and national championship games/events hosted in Alberta; and
  • providing guidance and leadership on all matters pertaining to officiating with leagues, minor hockey associations and other stakeholders.

2018-2020 Playing Rules Update

Please note that Hockey Canada has made rule changes for the 2018 season forward to improve the game for all participants.

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LISTEN: Head of Central Region Officials Committee Lance McKinnon and first-year official Mason Rockley on CBC’s Eyeopener

1. What has changed?
Hockey Alberta’s Officials committee and zone committees are being aligned with Hockey Alberta’s governance, risk and operational practices. In general, the officials’ committees are being aligned with the existing volunteer operations committee structures in place across the organization. There are two specific changes of note for the 2018-19 season:

- The process of how Officials register and pay for a clinic each year will now be completed only online and consistent across the province.
- The process of selecting operational volunteers for their roles within the Officials Committee (formerly the Provincial Committee) and the Regions (formerly Zones).

These volunteer positions will now be appointed rather than elected aligning with other Hockey Alberta governance practices.

2. What does the new structure look like?
There will continue to be an Officials Committee and six Regions (Peace, Northeast, North, North Central, Central and South). The Officials Committee will be headed by the Chair, selected by a group that includes the outgoing Officials Committee Chair, Manager of Officiating and two Officials Life Members. Currently the Officials Committee will also consist of: Chairs from the current 6 regions, Data Coordinator, Supervisions Coordinator, Male Development Coordinator, Female Development Coordinator, and Match Penalty Coordinator. Within each Region, the structure will primarily mirror the composition of the Officials Committee with the opportunity to vary based on regional needs. Hockey Alberta will also be going through the process to hire a Manager of Officiating to work with the Officials Committee, and to coordinate between the Committee and Hockey Alberta’s CEO, to whom all Hockey Alberta volunteer operational committees report.

3. Why are the Officials Committee and Region positions being appointed rather than elected?
All of Hockey Alberta’s committee members are selected through an application and interview process to help ensure that the individual holding a position is qualified and prepared for the responsibilities associated with the role. Ultimately, the goal is to have the best qualified and most knowledgeable people carrying out these key responsibilities while representing Hockey Alberta. To ensure that the right person has been appointed, each volunteer will participate in the application, screening and selection process followed by an orientation. There is also an ongoing performance review and evaluation process throughout the season to ensure each person is fulfilling their role. Term of appointment for the Chair will be two years; all Coordinator appointments will be completed annually.

4. How will funds currently overseen by the Provincial Officials Committee and the Zone committees be disbursed?
Funds currently controlled by the Provincial Officials Committee will be used as per the Memorandum of Understanding which will be developed by the Officials Committee. Future budgets will be created collaboratively between staff and the Committee Chair. Funds currently controlled by the Zone committees will stay in each Region for legacy uses. A Memorandum of Understanding will be completed with each Region that identifies how and when these funds may be used (for example, development or recruitment initiatives). The MOU will be developed by the Officials Committee and Hockey Alberta.

5. How will clinics and registration change?
Standardization is the key for the clinic process in Alberta starting in the 2018-19 season. All Officials, regardless of location, will pay the same registration fee for their level. So, a Level 2 official in Peace Region will pay the same as a Level 2 official in North East Region or Central Region. That may result in decreased fees for some or increased fees for other officials, depending on your location. In the future, all officials will be paying the same as any other similar official in Alberta. All registration will be done online, through Hockey Canada’s E-Hockey website platform. No fees will be collected in person at any clinic. That allows our clinicians to focus on the subject
matter for the clinic, not having to collect money, make change, or balancing the books afterwards. The clinic structure is not changing. Qualified and knowledgeable clinicians will continue to deliver our clinics, using the appropriate materials and points of emphasis as developed by Hockey Canada.

6. Where do Minor Hockey Associations fit in the new officiating structure?
Minor Hockey Associations play an integral role in the recruitment and development of quality officials. Everyone involved in hockey understands the crucial role played by our officials in games at every level. MHAs need to work with their Region to help identify potential new officials each year and ensure they attend a clinic. The MHA is responsible to put proper people in place to carry out the roles to ensure that proper mentoring and supervision is occurring so that the officials can learn and improve. And, where an MHA does their own scheduling, they need to make sure that officials are assigned to games which they are capable of working.

7. How are officials structured in other provinces?
As part of our research, Hockey Alberta surveyed Saskatchewan Hockey Association and BC Hockey on their officiating structures. In general, both provinces currently operate an officials’ structure very similar to what is being implemented in Alberta. Hockey Alberta has chosen a hybrid of those models to ensure we are doing what is best for hockey in Alberta. Hockey Alberta is constantly reviewing and growing all areas of the business. The change to the officiating system will continue to evolve as we collaborate and determine the best mechanisms for the game and those within it. For change to succeed, we must all work together within the Hockey Alberta community. Players, coaches, officials, MHAs, Junior/Senior teams, Leagues, Sport Schools and Officiating Regions all have a role to play, by working cooperatively, in developing Alberta’s officiating program as a leader in Canada.

Hockey Alberta Officials can now order Casebooks, Hockey Alberta Patches and Hockey Canada Shoulder Patches through Hockey Alberta’s online payment platform.

Casebooks are $15 each, Hockey Alberta Patches $5 each, and Hockey Canada Shoulder Patches $2 each (plus GST). *If you are attending a Hockey Alberta Officials Clinic this season, all three items will be provided to you at the clinic as part of your attendance fee.*


PLEASE NOTE: Orders can be picked up at the Hockey Alberta Office in Red Deer. If you require shipping, there will be a $5 charge.

Please contact Curtis Nichols at with any inquiries.