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Team Order Form - MHA

This form has been designed to allow each MHA to add as many sections as necessary for the number of teams that need to be ordered. Enter the required information for a team, and then click ADD ANOTHER when you are ready for the next team.


  • Required Fields: All fields noted with an asterisk (*) must be completed.
  • Forward Submission:
    • Email addresses entered on this form will appear in the ’Forward Submission’ field at the bottom of the page. These are auto-populated and are not to be removed.
    • To forward a copy of the form to recipients not included on the form (i.e. Host MHA/Club Team), enter the email address(es) in the Forward Submission section. Separate each email address by a comma (no spaces required between addresses).
  • Zone Coordinator: In the Select Zone field, select the zone in which your MHA resides. This will ensure the appropriate Hockey Alberta Zone Team member is included when you submit the form.
  • Save for Later: Once the form has been started, the form can be saved and completed at a later time by clicking SAVE FOR LATER. If using this option, you must save the provided URL and Access Passcode to access the secure webpage and complete the form submission.
  • Submit: When you click SUBMIT, the recipients entered in the form will receive notice of the form submission by email, with a PDF copy of the form provided as an attachment.

If there are questions or technical issues, please email: [email protected]