Pond Hockey

Pond Hockey is an innovative program that focuses on participation in a less structured and flexible environment.

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Pond Hockey follows Hockey Alberta’s Intro to Hockey Model

Pond Hockey for ages 5-8 is played under Hockey Alberta’s Intro to Model in operating on cross-ice/half-ice surfaces.  

Pond Hockey is unstructured

Pond Hockey should be unstructured in the sense that Programs are not arranged based on age, or skill.  

Pond Hockey Programs are not registered in organized hockey leagues

Pond Hockey is played in a fun, safe and non-competitive environment. Therefore, Pond Hockey Programs are not eligible to attend minor hockey tournaments or play minor hockey teams.

Pond Hockey is a low-cost option for players

Pond Hockey is registered under Hockey Alberta, allowing all participants to access the Hockey Canada Insurance Program. All other registration fees are determined by each specific Pond Hockey Program.

Pond Hockey allows a relaxed time commitment

Hockey Alberta recommends that Pond Hockey participants under the age of 11 should meet once a week, while players aged 12 and over can meet twice a week.

Pond Hockey focuses on skill development and game play

Hockey Alberta recommends that ice times should include drills that focus on basic skill development while also incorporating time for small area games, 3-on-3 games or 4-on-4 games. 

Pond Hockey Programs do not travel for games

Pond Hockey Programs are not registered for organized Hockey Leagues; travel for games is not required.

Pond Hockey has no defined boundaries

Pond Hockey is not governed by Association boundaries that state a player has to report to a specific Program. Pond Hockey participants are eligible to register and participate with any Pond Hockey Program in Alberta.

Pond Hockey has a flexible registration date

Pond Hockey does not have a firm registration date. Players are eligible to register and participate at any point of the Pond Hockey season.

Pond Hockey participants can play Minor Hockey

Participants are eligible to register in both Pond and Minor Hockey for an additional fee.

Pond Hockey participants can play with siblings

Pond Hockey is not governed by age groups. As a result, participants are eligible to play with older or younger siblings with whom they normally would not be able to play.

Pond Hockey has no starting age

Pond Hockey is eligible for any minor hockey aged player in Alberta. However, Hockey Alberta recommends that players under the age of seven should have an emphasis on basic skill development under the watchful eye of a Coach with National Coaching Certification, registered with the Local Minor Hockey Association.

Pond Hockey On-Ice Supervisors have Respect in Sport Qualification

All Pond Hockey On-Ice Supervisors are required to have Respect in Sport Activity Leader Qualification.

Pond Hockey On-Ice Supervisors do not require Coaching Certification

Pond Hockey On-Ice Supervisors are not required to have additional coaching certification. However, Hockey Alberta recommends that Pond Hockey On-Ice Supervisors take any of the eight Instructional Stream Courses offered through Hockey Alberta’s Regional Centres. For more information about Instructional Programming, please click here.

Pond Hockey is not governed by Rules and Regulations

Pond Hockey should not be governed by the same Rules and Regulations that govern Minor Hockey. Pond Hockey focuses on providing a fun, safe and non-competitive learning environment for all participants regardless of age or skill.

Pond Hockey is not played under Hockey Canada Playing Rules

Pond Hockey does not follow Hockey Canada Playing Rules. Pond Hockey Programs can modify the game in any way that supports skill development in a fun, safe and non-competitive learning environment. 

Pond Hockey does not use registered Officials

Pond Hockey is not played under Hockey Canada Playing Rules; therefore, Pond Hockey does not use qualified Officials to oversee games. Pond Hockey needs to remain a non-competitive alternative for all hockey players.

Pond Hockey does not keep statistics or records

Pond Hockey should not keep statistics or records. Pond Hockey should focus on keeping a non-competitive playing environment.

City/Town Name Contact Contact Email
Airdrie Airdrie Pond Hockey Cindy Kunitz [email protected]
Athabasca Athabasca Pond Hockey Lyneve Freh [email protected]
Atikameg Whitefish Pond Hockey Richard Tallman [email protected]
Banff Banff Pond Hockey John Ouellette [email protected]
Black Diamond Oilfields Pond Hockey Cindy Wright [email protected]
Bow Island Bow Island Pond Hockey Joanne Langeweg [email protected]
Bragg Creek Brag Creek Pond Hockey Tara Zimmerman [email protected]
Camrose Camrose Fun Hockey Club Trudi Duheme [email protected]
Canmore Bow Valley Pond Hockey Jessica Springstead [email protected]
Chestermere Chestermere Pond Hockey Edyta Baker [email protected]
Claresholm Claresholm Pond Hockey Lashauna Smith [email protected]
Coaldale Coaldale Pond Hockey Theresa Geldof [email protected]
Cochrane Cochrane Rec Hockey Cheryl McKay [email protected]
Daysland Daysland Thunderhawks Pond Hockey Terri-Lynn Sereda [email protected]
Dewberry Dewberry Pond Hockey Kandi Robinson [email protected]
Drayton Valley Drayton Valley Fun Hockey Kyle Chase [email protected]
Eaglesham Eaglesham Pond Hockey Andrea Farrell [email protected]
Edmonton  North Glenora Pond Hockey Andrew Gregory  [email protected]
Edson Edson Pond Hockey Amanda Bowman [email protected]
Elk Point Elk Point Pond Hockey April Gardner [email protected]
Fort Chipewyan Fort Chipewyan Pond Hockey Angela Marcel [email protected]
Fort MacLeod Fort MacLeod Pond Hockey Brendan Grant [email protected]
Fort McKay Fort McKay Hockey Society Lolita Ladouceur [email protected]
Fort Vermilion Fort Vermilion Pond Hockey Clinton Edwards [email protected]
Fox Creek Fox Creek Pond Hockey Chace Lamb [email protected]
Girouxville Warriors Youth Pond Hockey Alexandra Brochu [email protected]
Gleichen Gleichen Pond Hockey Shannon Zierman [email protected]
High Level High Level Pond Hockey Tennille Rideout [email protected]
High Prairie High Prairie Pond Hockey Helen Willier [email protected]
Hines Creek Hines Creek Pond Hockey Stephanie Kowal [email protected]
Hinton Hinton Pond Hockey Pat Scobie [email protected]
Holden Beaver County Pond Hockey Jessie Zazulak [email protected]
Innisfail Innisfail Pond Hockey Dan Falk [email protected]
Jasper Jasper Pond Hockey Louise Knight [email protected]
Lethbridge Lethbridge Little Canes & Become an Olympian Cheryl Gudmundson [email protected]
Lloydminster Lloydminster Pond Hockey Maryanne Tourand [email protected]
Masckwacis Maskwacis Pond Hockey Myrna Buffalo [email protected]
McLennan McLennan Pond Hockey Sharlene Lambert [email protected]
Millarville Millarville Pond Hockey Grant Sanden [email protected]
New Sarepta New Sarepta Pond Hockey Rachel Gregor-Stang [email protected]
Olds Olds Pond Hockey Carla McDermid [email protected]
Peace River Peace River Pond Hockey Erin Bandurka [email protected]
Rainbow Lake Rainbow Lake Pond Hockey Savannah Sock [email protected] 
Red Deer Red Deer Pond Hockey Mike Talma [email protected]
Smoky River Smoky River Pond Hockey Charlene Pizycki Marchildon c[email protected]
St. Paul St. Paul Pond Hockey Tanya Fontaine [email protected]
Stavely Stavely Pond Hockey JD Kitchen [email protected]
Two Hills Two Hills Pond Hockey Wes Nikiforuk [email protected]
Vauxhall Vauxhall Pond Hockey Jennifer Crowson [email protected]
Vermilion Vermilion Pond Hockey Cindy Munro [email protected]
Viking Viking Pond Hockey Laurel Weisgerber [email protected]