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Female Hockey

Hockey Alberta initiated a review of female hockey during the 2013 season as it had become very apparent that numerous of the participants and our member associations had concerns over the decreasing quality of the players at the higher levels, as well as the overall number of players in Female Hockey.

Since then, a third party has completed a review and written a report, a committee has acted on that report and continued to review ways to make the game better for the players, and an Elite Implementation Committee and Grassroots Implementation Committee have worked to finalize the review and begin structuring a new Female Hockey Model for Alberta.

In order to make the game better for the Female players in Alberta, these committees have been tasked with building a completely new model.

Using the recommendations from the Female Review Committee, which were approved by the Hockey Alberta Board of Directors, the Elite Implementation committee identified the following principles as the foundation for the new Elite Female Hockey model in Alberta.

  • Provide a standardized, province-wide system of hockey and the opportunity for female players to develop and progress from Grassroots hockey through to elite hockey and up into Team Alberta’s High Performance programs.
  • Establish criteria to determine the appropriate number of teams within each Category and define the terms and conditions under which these teams will operate. This criteria establishes an environment to provide players with the ability to access the level of hockey at which they are capable of playing, ranging from grassroots programs up to elite level opportunities for the top “Elite” level players.
  • Foster development through the Female Hockey Model. Provide an opportunity for players to access Grassroots teams within close proximity to their home town. Provide an opportunity for players to access Bantam and Midget Elite division programs regionally within a reasonable distance of travel. Provide an opportunity for players to access the Midget AAA program within the Province with no defined boundaries.

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