Female Hockey Alberta Development Model (ADM)

After a thorough review of Female Hockey within Alberta, Hockey Alberta implemented an entirely new Female Hockey Model beginning in the 2016-17 season. The new model focuses on player development and provides players a system of hockey to develop their skills within.

Two items that were highlighted from that process were that the number of teams at the highest level of Midget hockey had to decrease and that a developmental system had to be built to help players develop skills and progress to the next level of hockey.

This new model provides structure for the top two levels of Midget (AAA and Elite) as well as the top level of Bantam (Elite) hockey. The Elite level provides the players with an opportunity to play at a level that enables skill
development and focuses on helping them get to the next level, bridging the gap between grassroots programs and AAA.


  1. A standardized province wide system of hockey that provides the opportunity for female players to develop and progress from Grassroots hockey through to Elite hockey and up into Team Alberta’s High Performance programs.
  2. Defined criteria determining the appropriate number of Teams within each Category as well as the terms and conditions under which the teams operate. Establishes an environment that provides players with the opportunity to access the level of hockey they are capable of playing at; from grassroots programs progressing up to elite level opportunities for Elite players.
  3. Foster development by providing an opportunity for players to access Grassroots teams within close proximity to their home town, to access the Elite Developmental program regionally within a reasonable distance of travel and to access the AAA program within the Province with no defined boundaries.

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