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Jan 16
January 16, 2018 / Oliver Arena

Instructional Stream: Skating 1

 The Instructional Stream - Skating Clinic will focus on the fundamental skating skills: balance, forward and backward striding and crossovers, transition and change of direction agility. The clinic will also provide an overview outlining the components of teaching progression as it relates to drills, coaching development plans and the key steps to building a successful programming model.  Please be sure to bring with you your Helmet, Gloves, Skates and Stick, as well as any writing material you may need for the classroom portion of the clinic. This clinic is provided free of charge.

The Instructional Stream - Skating clinic is taking place in Edmonton on January 16th from 6:00 - 9:45 pm. The classroom portion will be at the Hockey Edmonton Office (10618 124 Street NW) from 6:00PM-8:00PM, the on-ice portion will be at Oliver Arena (10335-119 Street) from 8:45-9:45PM. Please bring with you your skates, stick, CSA approved helmet, gloves and pen/paper. For further questions please contact Stacey Pattison (