Hockey AlbertaDon’t let ‘Away’ games affect your routine & performance - Tips for eating healthy while on the road

Eating healthy while travelling can be a challenge, but is easier when the team is on the same page with the same goals!

When on the road, pack items that can last without refrigeration for a few days, ie. bananas, trail mix, whole-grain bagels, and/or nut butters. If you keep a cooler in your car, other snacks you could pack include unsweetened yogurt products, cut up veggies and dip, hard-boiled eggs and/or hummus! Out of town tournaments are often associated with eating at restaurants.

A coach or parent representative can contact the restaurants ahead of time to prepare a modified “Team Menu” that is passed out upon arrival. This menu can solely advertise options that have been pre-approved by the coach to ensure each athlete still has autonomy in their choice, but each option is healthy! When narrowing down the menu, choose options lower in fat, sugar and sodium, while higher in fibre. Small switches such as baked sweet potato fries instead of the regular deep-fried russet fries will lower fat content and boost micronutrient intake (e.g. fibre and vitamin A). Suggesting athletes choose water over soft drinks will increase hydration and decrease sugar intake, as well as save a few dollars per bill.

Think ahead before travelling to out of town games and consider packing some healthy snacks to limit the amount of times you’re visiting fast food vendors.