Tourney Menus

Hockey Alberta

Lighten your workload as a parent - let concession stands fuel your day!

If funds are available and interest is present, teams can work with outside sources to coordinate healthy take out tournament menus.

A sports facility with a concession stand may be available to offer a variety of different items on a tournament day. For example, in addition to the burgers and fries they offer, they could also have sandwiches with fruits or vegetables as an option on the side!

Concessions could also put together prepared snack packages containing fruits and vegetables, crackers and cheese, and a protein source such as a hard boiled egg or hummus. They might be able to do snack-packs, such as a muffin and piece of fruit, helping to tide kids over between games. Including your onsite concession simplifies meal and snack planning for teams, even including pre-ordering of items so that no one has to wait for their food when they get off the ice. Try leaving the slow cooker at home - ask your concession what healthy, homemade options they can do.

Outside of the concession stand, arrangements can be made with local eateries that offer subs, pitas, or pre-made salads, for example, in order to supply food for the team during competitions. Depending on the agreed upon spending, fundraisers can be integrated to support tournament menus.

Talk to your local concessionaire to support healthy eating at the next tournament your facility hosts.