Hockey AlbertaNot another bake sale; revamp your team’s fundraising efforts to see benefits!

Fundraising is a great way to collaborate as a team and community to achieve financial benefit.

Fundraising can also be used as a means to promote healthy behaviours to athletes. As a team, you should decide on a fundraising platform - the more of you interested in the fundraiser, the greater the likelihood that your fundraiser will be a success! Healthy foods can be sold, such as fruit or veggie kabobs and protein shakes to raise money.

Of course, don’t forget about using non-food items! Some non-food fundraising ideas could be selling sport-related items such as water bottles and mouth-guard kits. Fundraising events can also be a good opportunity for team bonding. Hosting a recreational hockey tournament or a dance-a-thon would foster financial income, collegiality, and physical activity! A step-count challenge could also be organized with minimal effort, presuming everyone uses their own pedometers (via smart phones or watches), with a 50-50 style buy-in to raise funds and create friendly competition.

Suggest a new fundraising idea for your team this season!