Something has happened, who do I contact?

Chain of Influence: Something has happened, Who do I contact?


The first step is to address the issue at the team level in a timely and courteous manner. Courteous means showing respect when approaching a person regarding a concern and respecting the processes outlined to bring forth concerns, such as using a team liaison and/or using the 24-hour rule (waiting to bring the concern forward until 24 hours have elapsed). Timely means it is brought forth in a time frame that allows the proper management of the concern.


If you do not believe the concern was managed appropriately at the Team Level, the next step is to bring the concern to your organization’s attention through its processes for hearing concerns. These processes can vary depending on the organization, so please ensure you are familiar with the steps your organization requires. Hockey Alberta expects that all concerns brought forward to an association be managed in an appropriate manner as outlined by Hockey Alberta’s conduct management process.


Should you feel your concern was not managed appropriately by the association the final step would be for Hockey Alberta to review the matter. Hockey Alberta only reviews the processes used to manage the situation not the outcome of the process as outlined in Hockey Alberta’s conduct management process. The onus is on the person bringing forth the concern to identify where they felt the process was not managed appropriately.

A review of the process is not an appeal to Hockey Alberta.

Hockey Alberta’s role in a conduct-related complaint is to investigate the process used by an MHA in dealing with complaints and levying sanctions/discipline, and hold the MHA accountable to that process. Hockey Alberta is not an appeal committee for an MHA decision; Hockey Alberta’s role is to ensure a fair process was undertaken. During a hearing and appeal process, an MHA should never suggest that if the accused is not happy with the decision, they can “appeal” to Hockey Alberta. The onus is on the MHA to undertake a fair and transparent process, from first acknowledging a complaint through to an appeal by the subject of the complaint.

Hockey Alberta will only consider reviewing a complaint when the entire process is completed by the MHA, including the decision of the Appeal Committee. Hockey Alberta will only investigate the complaint based on the following criteria:

  1. Did the process used by the LMHA meet the minimum standards outlined in this document, or was there a procedural error?
  2. Was there a misapplication or misinterpretation of facts pertaining to the decision?
  3. Did the decision violate a person’s protected rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?