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Oversized Team Request Form

Hockey Alberta may allow teams that are not eligible to compete for a Regional or National Championship permission to register at one time, a maximum of twenty-three (23) Players to their roster. Permission must be obtained through application to the Zone Minor Regulation Coordinator, in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer or designate.

This form shall be completed, in its entirety, by any MHA who wishes to register more than nineteen (19) players to a specific team within their association after they have exhausted all other options. The intent of this document is to track the application and decision process of oversized teams and to ensure all concerned parties are informed of the application. Please note that an Oversized Team will only be permitted to dress 19 players (17 skaters + 2 goaltenders) per game. Please ensure that all required documentation, plus any additional information, is submitted along with this application.


  • All other options have had to been exhausted prior to the Oversized Team application. Other options include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Surrounding MHA’s within a reasonable driving distance are full, or not willing to except additional players.
    • Additional registrants have no interest or do not meet criteria for applying to overage into a lower division within the MHA.
  • Any request to register more than twenty-three (23) players onto one team will be automatically rejected.
  • Any request coming for a team registered in the categories of “AAA” or “AA” will be automatically rejected.
  • Requests should come from the lowest categorized team within the division of the MHA.
  • It is strongly recommended that all families on the applying team have been consulted and endorse the application for an oversized team.


  • Hockey Alberta will designate the number of additional players the applying team may register. Approval to register the maximum of twenty-three (23) players will only be given if required.
  • The oversized team may only list a maximum of nineteen (19) players (two (2) of which must be goaltenders) on the game sheet for any one game.
  • All players registered will be eligible for League, Exhibition, Zone Provincial Play downs and the Hockey Alberta Provincial Tournament.


  • The requesting team must sign the “Oversized Team Request” form.
  • The requesting MHA’s President must sign the “Oversized Team Request” form.
  • The exact reason for the Oversized Team application must be stated, along with evidence supporting that all other options have been exhausted. This should also include the exact number of extra players that would be registered to the team.
  • Letters from the MHA, families on the team in question and from surrounding associations must accompany the application. Failure to include the required documentation will result in the return of the application.
  • Once all signatures have been gathered, all areas on the “Oversized Team Request” form have been filled in, and the required documentation is in order, the completed application can be sent to the appropriate Zone Minor Regulation Coordinator for consultation with Hockey Alberta’s Chief Executive Officer or designate.

Oversized Team Request Form

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