Photo Credit: Two Point Photography & Design

Officiating Female Hockey

Officials are an important part of every game in hockey and the growth of female hockey is a great opportunity for officials to gain valuable experience as well as the potential to represent Alberta or Canada at national or international level events.

Why become a female official? Officiating provides the opportunity for participants to

  • Gain new insight and understanding of the game.
  • Help create a safe and competitive environment for our participants. Officials help manage the game and aim to create a safe environment for competition.
  • make some extra cash on the weekends.
  • Increase your network of people. Our officials are a diverse group that work in all types of industries and businesses as well as have a vast wealth of experiences in the game.
  • Learn the skating and positional techniques to become an successful official
  • Give back to the game while increasing your physical fitness level.
  • The joy of the game and to help grow female hockey in Alberta.