Hockey Alberta Safety Newsletter 19:05

Hockey Alberta Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Hockey Alberta and the Player Safety Committee

On behalf of Hockey Alberta and the Player Safety Committee, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Injury Report Forms

As we have progressed fully into the hockey season, now is a good reminder on the importance of properly filling out an injury report. Without the form being filled out completely, there will be delays in processing the claim and the potential of a claim being rejected. Some common issues include:

  • The injury date not being included at the top of the form
  • The team official section not being completed by a registered team official
  • The health insurance section not being completed

Should you have any questions regarding injury reports or the Hockey Canada Insurance program feel free to contact the Hockey Alberta office.

Last Call for Concussion Presentations

This is the last call for concussion presentations for this season. Presentations will no longer be offered past January 31. Thank you to all the associations that have requested one to date. 


Hockey Alberta Safety Newsletter 19:04

Help Guide Player Safety with Hockey Alberta


Hockey Alberta is able to deliver all of their programming and initiatives due to the dedication of hundreds of volunteers. Hockey Alberta also relies on the knowledge of subject matter experts to help guide organizational decisions. Hockey Alberta is currently seeking members for its Player Safety Committee to help guide participant safety and risk management discussions and decisions. The committee is currently looking for people with legal, medical, and risk management expertise.   


One of the takeaways from Hockey Alberta’s Safety Leadership day was a way that Hockey Alberta can help support the association in safety related matters. Hockey Alberta’s Player Safety Committee is currently seeking sub-committee members to help guide the development of such resources that can be used by local association’s to help deliver a safe environment for all our participants.


If you are interested in either of these initiatives or know of leaders in your community that would be interested, please contact Jeremy Haluschak ([email protected]) for more information.