Return to Hockey

COVID-19 Update - November 27

This Hockey Alberta FAQ with answers to several key questions arising from the Public Health Order issued November 12, and the state of public health emergency that was declared on November 24. The FAQ document was updated on November 27 to include current information on exemption criteria.


This flow chart has been created to help families navigate their way through the expectations and process when a player is showing symptoms or has been tested for COVID-19.

*NOTE: The chart has been updated as of November 1, 2020, to reflect updated Alberta Health Services guidelines.

This chart will continue be updated, as required, based on changes to Alberta Health Services protocols.

Hockey Alberta has updated its Return to Hockey Plan. The updated version is current as of October 2.

The following updates are included in this version of the Return to Hockey Plan:

  1. In the Return to Hockey Programming section (Section 2): updated timelines and program options for all levels of hockey.
  2. In Protocols and Safety (Section 3): a new Game Considerations Checklist for host teams.
  3. In Communications (Section 4): an updated Hockey Alberta FAQ document.
  4. In On-Ice Officials (Section 7): updated information on clinics and assigning, and a link to the On-Ice Officials Return to Hockey Plan.
  5. Appendices have been removed (and relocated to the Hockey Alberta website) or renumbered.

Hockey Alberta has worked with Hockey Canada and other provincial branches, Government of Alberta, Provincial Sport Organizations, and our Members, staff and volunteers to develop Alberta’s Return to Hockey Plan. The Return to Hockey Plan meets the current health and safety requirements of the Government of Alberta and aligns with Hockey Canada’s Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines in focusing on the safety and well-being of all participants. Updated versions of the Plan will be circulated to Hockey Alberta Members, and posted to this webpage, as required based on changes to the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Plan.


Return to Hockey Plan Updates - October 9

Please note that some updates have been made to Hockey Alberta’s current Return to Hockey Plan. No content has changed in the body of the document, but the Member FAQ document has been updated with information pertaining to Substitute Goaltender Guidelines. The updated FAQ and the Guidelines document can be accessed below:

HA Member FAQ - Updated Oct 9 >

Substitute Goalie Guidelines - Added Oct 9 >