Return to Hockey

Hockey Alberta has completed a Return to Hockey Plan that incorporates the current requirements outlined in Stage 2 of the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Plan, health and safety guidelines from Hockey Canada, and programming, registration and sanctioning for Hockey Alberta.

The plan, which was released on June 30, provides the framework and minimum standards for Hockey Alberta’s Members to undertake hockey activities. It also allows players, coaches, officials, parents and other stakeholders to understand the current guidelines for operating sanctioned hockey for the 2020-21 season.

Hockey Alberta has worked with Hockey Canada and other provincial branches, Government of Alberta, Provincial Sport Organizations, and our Members, staff and volunteers to develop Alberta’s Return to Hockey Plan. The purpose of the Return to Hockey plan is to provide options for a restart to hockey in Alberta, to outline required safety protocols and requirements, and to assist our Members with tasks they need to be undertaking for hockey to re-start.

The Return to Hockey Plan meets the current health and safety requirements of the Government of Alberta and aligns with Hockey Canada’s Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines in focusing on the safety and well-being of all participants. Updated versions of the Plan will be circulated to Hockey Alberta Members, and posted to this webpage, as required based on changes to the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Plan.


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