Return to Hockey

Hockey Alberta has updated its Return to Hockey Plan. The updated version is current as of September 3.

The following updates are included in this version of the Return to Hockey Plan:

1. The document has been restructured with the Return to Hockey Programming section moved to Section 2.

2. In the Return to Hockey Programming section (Section 2):

  • The Off-Season Skill Development component has been removed. All hockey activity should now operate under the rules and guidelines in the Development Season.
  • Information on how to offer sessions via Physical Distancing can be found in the Development Season section.
  • Guidelines regarding Sport Cohorts have been updated based on direction from the Government of Alberta.
  • Registration protocol information has been updated.
  • Clarification of activities allowed in each Return to Hockey component.
  • Travel restrictions have been removed, based on Government of Alberta direction.

3. In Protocols and Safety (Section 3):

  • Requirements for Record Keeping and Contact Tracing have been updated.
  • The process and procedure for dealing with a sick participant and/ or a participant who tests positive for COVID-19 has been updated.
  • Game protocols for coaches, officials and players have been added.

4. In Communications (Section 4):

  • updated guidelines for identifying a Communications Lead within each organization.
  • An updated Hockey Alberta FAQ document.

5. In Facilities and Spectators (Section 5), updated guidelines for spectators.

6. In Coaches and Team Officials (Section 6):

  • updated information on coach clinics
  • updated Hockey Alberta requirements with regard to masks, Cohorts and Physical Distancing.

7. A new section, On-Ice Officials (Section 7), with updated information pertaining to Officials.

8. Some appendices have been removed or renumbered.

9. Additional links are included to link directly to the Government of Alberta website.

Hockey Alberta has worked with Hockey Canada and other provincial branches, Government of Alberta, Provincial Sport Organizations, and our Members, staff and volunteers to develop Alberta’s Return to Hockey Plan. The Return to Hockey Plan meets the current health and safety requirements of the Government of Alberta and aligns with Hockey Canada’s Return to Hockey Safety Guidelines in focusing on the safety and well-being of all participants. Updated versions of the Plan will be circulated to Hockey Alberta Members, and posted to this webpage, as required based on changes to the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Plan.