Lacing Up

Lacing Up is a fun, interactive, online, game-based program that helps Novice-aged players learn the fundamentals of being a successful, respectful young hockey player. Lacing Up focuses on the skills players need to know off the ice to stay healthy, play fair, support their teammates, respect officials, and contribute positively to their team.

Lacing Up is an hour-long program that features stories, adventures, games, and quizzes “hosted” by five young animated characters and their coach. Topics include:

- Long Term Player Development: growth and development, nutrition, hydration, and sleep.

- Playing fair: the Hockey Canada Fair Play Pledge, respect for teammates, officials, and opponents, and recognizing that everyone makes mistakes.

- Bullying: types of bullying, and what to do if you are the target of bullying, or if you see it happening to someone else.

- Respect: for the game, each other, and ourselves.

The program is built around five modules accessed through a graphical table of contents. Content for the modules was created in consultation with Hockey Canada personnel, coaches, teachers, players and psychologists.

Novice-aged players in Alberta, and their parents, will be the first in Canada to have the opportunity to experience this free, optional program.

Lacing Up can be accessed through the Hockey Alberta website ( by going to the Players tab, and clicking on Lacing Up, or by clicking here.