2.2 How to Make a Claim

2.2.1 - Requirements

SECURE a branch specific Hockey Canada Injury Report Form from your team, MHA or the Hockey Alberta website.

COMPLETE the form in its entirety. Have your team official complete the team section and your Physician/Dentist complete the back of the form.

SUBMIT the fully completed form to your Branch office within 90 days of the date of accident. You have 52 weeks from the date of injury to submit any receipts/invoices.


  • Only Injury Report Forms received in the Branch office within 90 days of the accident will be accepted.
  • Forms must be completed in their entirety or they will be returned.
  • Only original receipts/invoices are acceptable.
  • Hockey Canada is strictly a supplemental insurer. If you have access to any other insurance, you must pursue it through them first. Hockey Canada shall cover those costs not covered by your primary insurance to their policy limits.
  • Depending on the nature of the incident, Hockey Canada may choose to manage claims as they see fit.

2.2.2 - Process

When an injury occurs at a Hockey Canada/Branch sanctioned event, a team officialshould complete all pertinent information on the branch specific Hockey Canada Injury Report form. The Injury Report form should then be given to the parent and/or player for a signature, completion of the Health Insurance Information section can be filled out, and obtaining the Physician Statement.

Submit the Injury Report Form to the branch office within 90 days of the injury.

If making a claim, receipts/invoices must be submitted to the Branch Office, citing the injury date, within 52 weeks from the date of injury.

The time required to process a claim will vary due to the type of claim being made and the time of year. The process could take 6-12 weeks from the date it is received in our office. It is based on a first come, first served basis.

All Injury Reports Forms and accompanying paperwork is processed through the Branch Office before it is sent to Hockey Canada’s Head Office for final processing.All reimbursement cheques are issued from Hockey Canada’s head office in Ottawa.

2.2.2 - Injury Report Form

A Branch specific Injury Report form can be obtained from your local minor hockey association, the Hockey Alberta office, or by clicking here.