Insurance Programs


The liability coverage is designed to cover Hockey Canada members for their on and off-ice activities while participating in Hockey Canada Sanctioned hockey events. This coverage responds on behalf of an individual who has paid a premium or had a premium paid on their behalf, and who is named as a defendant in a lawsuit alleging that, that individual was negligent doing whatever it was they were alleged to have done or did not do what they should.


AD&D insurance covers very serious, permanent injuries that might occur while participating in a Hockey Canada/Branch sanctioned activity. This coverage is in addition to any other valid and collectable insurance policy. There are two classes of eligibility for this insurance policy:

- Class 1 – All members of registered teams including coaches, trainers, safety people and assistants, referees, league/association executives, Hockey Canada personnel under the age of 70.

- Class 2 – All volunteer members of hockey Canada under the age of 80.


This insurance augments Provincial, Medical and Hospital plans. It covers players, coaches, trainers/safety people, referees, and other designated volunteers against accidents that occur during participation in a Hockey Canada/Branch sanctioned activity. This plan is designed to provide coverage for those who might otherwise not be covered by any other group health insurance plan. It can also serve as a supplement to other similar coverage an individual or family may hold, to achieve maximum allowable coverage. It is not applicable as an addition when another plan’s coverage meets or exceeds the allowable amount.


For further information on Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance please contact the Hockey Alberta office.


Directors and Officers Liability relates to the legal obligation to manage the affairs of the association with honesty, loyalty, care, skill, in good faith and with due diligence. The directors and officers of an organization are those considered the most responsible and therefore the most potentially liable for any wrongdoing or harm that comes about in that organization’s activities. As a director you may be personally liable for such things as: employee discrimination, wrongful dismissal, activities of volunteers and/or employees, enforcement of Association or government regulations, providing advice to members, unpaid wages, uncollected withholding taxes.

This member benefit is designed to protect your association executive and directors against claims for damages and/or liability while carrying out association business and acting within the scope of their designated responsibilities as outlined in each association’s constitution, bylaws, and regulations as they currently exist and are registered with the Societies Act for the current operating year.

Hockey Canada’s D&O Insurance Program covers the directors, officers, staff members, employees, and volunteers of all Minor Hockey Associations, Junior Teams, Branches, and Major Junior Hockey Teams and Leagues for their exposure to legal action(s) and other claims arising from alleged wrongful acts which they are believed to have committed while acting in their hockey related capacities.

When coverage applies, the policy will provide for an insured’s defence against the unreported claim. If an insured is found liable for damages sustained by a claimant or plaintiff, coverage is provided for such damages subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable policy.

In the event that a director or officer should receive an action or demand letter against him/her the Branch Office must be advised immediately so that proper steps can be taken to investigate and defend the case.


This benefit, also known as the Income Replacement Program, is designed specifically for team officials and on-ice officials to provide an income supplement to help compensate for wage loss due to injuries sustained while participating in games, practices, and related activities sanctioned by Hockey Alberta. You are eligible to participate in this Plan if you are a Coach, Assistant Coach, Accredited Trainer or Referee of Hockey Canada. Please contact the Hockey Alberta office for further information.


Property Insurance: Provides coverage against “All Risks” of direct physical damage to the Minor Hockey Association’s property. This would include office furniture, equipment, sound equipment, video equipment or any other property belonging to the Association/Team/League. Also included, is coverage for equipment etc. that has been temporarily removed from the arena/office by a responsible person of the Association/Team/League to work on Association/Team/League business.

Dishonesty Insurance: Provides coverage for Associations/Teams/Leagues who may fall victim to their funds being stolen by an employee or volunteer, who is part of the organization and who may have access to the Organization’s funds. It covers the Association/Team/League against the fraudulent use of funds by a member of the Organization.

Money and Securities (Broad Form): Associations/Teams/Leagues have access to moneys collected from members or through fundraising events. This money can be insured against a hold-up or a break-in a t the home of the custodian. This coverage can be very important, as it is not always possible to make bank deposits immediately following a fundraiser and such a loss could have a serious effect on the Organization’s operations. This form would also provide coverage against money and securities on a 24-hour basis against the perils of theft, burglary, hold-up and fire.

Electronic Data Processing: This coverage applies to your computer, software and data and includes the extra expenses to re-constitute lost information as a result of a covered loss. The coverage has been extended to cover the equipment while temporarily removed from the arena/office by a responsible person of the Association/Team/League to work on the Organization’s business.

Legal Expense Insurance: Provides your Association/Team/League financial assistance to find an amivable or judicial solution to legal dispute. Covers only legal/judicial fees not damages. Also provides telephone legal assistance.