Who is eligible / What is covered?

Hockey Canada and each of the Branches of which hockey Canada is comprised is specifically named as an insured, as well as all sub-associations, leagues and teams which form a part of Hockey Canada. Coverage includes any officer, director, employee, coach, volunteer worker, instructor, referee, safety person, or member of a committee while acting within the scope of his/her duties. It includes members of teams, leagues, Branch teams, zone/division teams, national teams or international teams provided all are registered with or affiliated with Hockey Canada. It includes any sponsor or any team of Hockey Canada but only with respect to his, her or their liability as such; and it includes any owner of any insured team.

NOTE: A “volunteer” is a non-paid person donating his or her time and who is assigned specific duties and for whom a premium has been paid.

The premium will have been submitted by the local MHA, team or league on behalf of all its members. It includes a formula that incorporates the “volunteer” member fee into the overall fee paid on behalf of its player participants.

Each Hockey Alberta member for whom a premium has been paid is entitled to the following coverage under the Hockey Canada National Insurance Program:

  • Comprehensive General Liability
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Major Medical and Dental Coverage
  • Sexual Misconduct Liability Insurance
  • Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

For more detailed information on this member benefit and its coverage, please continue to the Insurance Programs section and/or refer to the Hockey Canada Safety Requires Teamwork booklet.

When are you covered?

You are covered:

  • During Hockey Canada/Hockey Alberta sanctioned events (league games, tournaments, practices, training camps, and sanctioned fundraisers) involving and/or when playing other member teams only.
  • During transportation directly to and from the arena or venue for sanctioned events.
  • In accommodations while billeted or at a hotel during Hockey Canada/Hockey Alberta sanctioned hockey activity.

USA Travel

Always check with your Branch prior to planning a trip abroad to ensure the event is properly sanctioned and approved.

Teams need to be aware that they should consider the option of purchasing additional Health Insurance when leaving the country. Provincial Health Care Plans will cover out of province medical expenses and Hockey Canada insurance has specific limits that apply once the primary insurance coverage has been exhausted, however these policies may not be sufficient if an injury occurs in the USA or abroad.

Always ask the travel insurance company you are dealing with if they cover injuries that occur while playing sports.

Sanctioned Events

Sanctioned events take place within clearly defined parameters set out by your Branch and its constituents. These can include association, team and league schedule practices, games, evaluations/tryouts and related activities. These activities, which would qualify as “normal” hockey program delivery, all fall within the scope of regular day to day operations of a minor hockey association, team and league, and do not require specific sanctioning authority. However, program extensions such as dry land training camps, exhibition games and tournaments, all require separate specific sanctioning.

It is also understood that in the course of annual programming many team, association, and league activities can fall outside what is considered to be normal programming. These kinds of activities usually occur away from the arena venue and in the surrounding community where opportunities exist to enhance the programs offered to our teams. It is important that you check with your Branch or Minor Hockey Association if planning an event outside of normal programming such as fundraising and team social events.

For further information on sanctioned events and certificates of insurance please contact the Hockey Alberta office.