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Hockey Canada National Insurance Program

Please refer to the Insurance Handout or Safety Requires Teamwork Booklet for details on the National Insurance Program provided by Hockey Canada including information on:

  • Who is eligible
  • Types of coverage
  • When coverage is in place
  • What is / is not covered

Sanctioned Events

Insurance coverage is in place for sanctioned events. Sanctioned events take place within clearly defined parameters set out by your Branch and its constituents. These can include association, team and league schedule practices, games, evaluations/tryouts and related activities. These activities, which would qualify as “normal” hockey program delivery, all fall within the scope of regular day to day operations of a minor hockey association, team and league, and do not require specific sanctioning authority. However, program extensions such as dry land training camps, exhibition games and tournaments, all require separate specific sanctioning.

It is also understood that in the course of annual programming many team, association, and league activities can fall outside what is considered to be normal programming. These kinds of activities usually occur away from the arena venue and in the surrounding community where opportunities exist to enhance the programs offered to our teams. It is important that you check with your Branch or Minor Hockey Association if planning an event outside of normal programming such as fundraising and team social events.

For further information on sanctioned events and certificates of insurance please contact the Hockey Alberta office.

USA Travel

Always check with your Branch prior to planning a trip abroad to ensure the event is properly sanctioned and approved.

Teams need to be aware that they should consider the option of purchasing additional Health Insurance when leaving the country. Provincial Health Care Plans will cover out of province medical expenses and Hockey Canada insurance has specific limits that apply once the primary insurance coverage has been exhausted, however these policies may not be sufficient if an injury occurs in the USA or abroad.

Always ask the travel insurance company you are dealing with if they cover injuries that occur while playing sports.

How to Make a Claim


SECURE a branch specific Hockey Canada Injury Report Form from your team, MHA or the Hockey Alberta website.

COMPLETE the form in its entirety. Have your team official complete the team section and your Physician/Dentist complete the back of the form.

SUBMIT the fully completed form to the Hockey Alberta office within 90 days of the date of accident. You have 52 weeks from the date of injury to submit any receipts/invoices.


  • Only Injury Report Forms received in the Hockey Alberta office within 90 days of the accident will be accepted.
  • Forms must be completed in their entirety or they will be returned.
  • Only original receipts/invoices are acceptable.
  • Hockey Canada is strictly a supplemental insurer. If you have access to any other insurance, you must pursue it through them first. Hockey Canada shall cover those costs not covered by your primary insurance to their policy limits.
  • Depending on the nature of the incident, Hockey Canada may choose to manage claims as they see fit.


When an injury occurs at a Hockey Canada/Branch sanctioned event, a team official should complete all pertinent information on the branch specific Hockey Canada Injury Report form. The Injury Report form should then be given to the parent and/or player for a signature, completion of the Health Insurance Information section, and obtaining the Physician Statement.

Submit the Injury Report Form to the branch office within 90 days of the injury.

If making a claim, receipts/invoices must be submitted to the Hockey Alberta Office, citing the injury date, within 52 weeks from the date of injury.

All Injury Reports Forms and accompanying paperwork is processed through the Hockey Alberta Office before it is sent to Hockey Canada’s Head Office for final processing. All reimbursement cheques are issued from Hockey Canada’s head office in Ottawa.