Procedures for Obtaining a Certificate

Complete the Certificate of Insurance Request form in full using the online platform. The following information is required to pursue a certificate of insurance:

  • Approval, in writing, from acting President of the local Minor Hockey Association
  • Approval from Hockey Alberta Game and Conduct Management Committee
  • Name and address of premises you will be occupying
  • Type of event being conducted on those premises
  • Date of event
  • Copy of contract you are being requested to sign for use of that facility
  • Amount of liability insurance coverage that is being requested by the facility owner

For detailed instructions on how to submit a request for a Certificate of Insurance, please refer to the BFL Canada User Guide below.

BFL Canada User Guide >

Once the request has been submitted through the online platform, it will be reviewed by Hockey Alberta and submitted to BFL for processing. Once BFL has issued the Certificate of Insurance, it will first be sent to Hockey Alberta, and then forwarded on to the requesting member.

Please allow up to ten (10) business days for processing.

Should you have any questions about the online process for submitting request for certificates of insurance, please contact Allison Marriott, or the Hockey Alberta office (403-342-6777).

Certificate of Insurance Request

Directors and Officer’s Liability (pdf)