Hockey Alberta Policy on Unacceptable Conduct

Policy Direction – Conduct Management

 Values – Hockey Alberta is committed to providing a comfortable, sports and work environment based on fundamental values, equality, trust and mutual respect leading to positive social and physical development of all participants.

Conduct – Hockey Alberta is committed to ensuring and emphasizing respectful behavior and conduct both on and off the ice, which emulates these values. It will work to completely eliminate any disrespectful conduct and discriminatory practices including abuse, neglect and harassment from all the elements of the GAME.

Awareness, Education and Procedures – Hockey Alberta will promote awareness and understanding of unacceptable conduct. It will engage educational mechanisms to include training and clinics for its members on matters of conduct and behaviour. It will put in place procedures for receiving and acting upon incidents of unacceptable conduct.

Application and Scope

Matters of abuse, neglect and harassment are specific areas of unacceptable conduct and behaviour, however, such unacceptable conduct and behaviour is not limited to only those areas and any reference to harassment herein and should be interpreted broadly to include the general subject area of unacceptable behaviour and conduct.

This policy direction applies to all categories of members as well as to all individuals participating in activities of or employed by Hockey Alberta including, but not limited to, players, officers, convenors, committee members, team managers, trainers, administrators, employees and volunteers.

This policy applies to unacceptable conduct and behaviour, which may occur during the course of Hockey Alberta business, activities and events, including, but not limited to administration of the game competition, team practices, training camps, exhibitions, meetings and travel associated with these activities.

Note: "Child" is defined in subsection 1(1)(d) Child, Youth and Family Enhancement Act as a person under the age of 18 years.

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