Abuse and Harassment


Hockey Alberta has adopted policy and procedures on unacceptable conduct for use within the Branch. Hockey Alberta will apply these policies specifically to the volunteers, staff and programs directly controlled by Hockey Alberta.

It is REQUIRED that each Minor Hockey Association and each team above minor hockey implement a similar policy. Associations may adapt the Hockey Alberta policy to meet their specific needs. The following will be the course of action for each Minor Hockey Association, each Zone, and each team above minor hockey to follow should any incidents covered under the descriptions of harassment and/or abuse occurs within the confines of their authority:

  • Hockey Canada/Hockey Alberta Playing Rules – Local Association / Zone team
  • Harassment and Verbal Abuse – Local Association / Zone team
  • Hazing – Local Association / Zone team
  • Neglect – Local Police / Child Protection Agency
  • Physical Abuse – Local Police / Child Protection Agency
  • Chronic Emotional Abuse – Local Police / Child Protection Agency
  • Sexual Abuse – Local Police / Child Protection Agency

In the case of neglect or physical abuse by an association member the local police or child protection agency may opt to turn the matter back to the association or Hockey Alberta for appropriate action.

It is expected that every member will take action to prevent any type of harassment and /or abuse within the confines of the organization.

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