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Alberta’s hockey community is filled with incredible people and incredible stories. From those who coached us, volunteered for us, kept our skates sharp and our ice fast, those who get up before the sun and make sure we’re up too. To the players who went to their first ever practice, scored the game winning goal or made it to the big leagues - we all have stories to tell about the game we love, and why we love it.

Hockey Alberta wants to share your stories and celebrate the hockey community in our province.

We want to hear from you - about those that go above and beyond every year, who make your hockey experience great, about you - you and your love of the game and what keeps you involved. We want to hear about new hockey parents, pond hockey players, the score keepers and the equipment managers.

Let’s thank those who show up for us every day and highlight the depth of hockey in Alberta.

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The Hockey For Life Campaign

Each week we are highlighting your stories on the Hockey Alberta social media. Tell us why you, or someone you know is ‘Hockey For Life’ - the impact hockey has had on you or the impact you’ve had on hockey.

We want you to get creative in telling your story. Video, audio and photo submissions are highly encouraged. We will make an effort to share as many stories from the game as possible, but please note, we may not be able to share all stories submitted.

Hockey Alberta
Record an interview, tell us your story on camera or write to us in the form below.
Hockey Alberta
Keep your story brief - submissions may be edited for length and clarity. Videos will be edited to under two minutes.
Hockey Alberta
Upload photos and videos to a cloud based service and share a link with us for download.

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If you have any questions please contact Hockey Alberta at [email protected]

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