An Overview

In 1977, C. Jarvis Miller compiled an unofficial history of the Alberta Amateur Hockey Association (AAHA), from its inception in 1907 until 1977. The information included personal recollections, as well as notes and official records included in meeting minutes and other documents of the organization.

Miller was named as the first-ever Chair of the new Minor Committee, which was formed in 1960. Miller also was the first Secretary/Manager of the AAHA, being named to the position in 1970, to replace the former position Registrar/Treasurer. Miller is a Life Member of Hockey Alberta, a recipient of the President’s Award in 1974, and the Centennial Award in 2007.

The history Miller compiled was included as part of Hockey Alberta’s Employee Manual for a number of years. The version included here has been edited for style and content format. 

General History

Annual Meetings