Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP)

Hockey Canada Safety Program – Level I is now a four-hour online program referred to as “Hockey University – Safety”.

This program is a great introduction to team safety, injury recognition and important information for anyone who wishes to be a team Safety Person. From the Fair Play Code and Code of Ethics, to Safety at the Rink, Injury Management and the Emergency Action Plan, this program gives you the information and confidence needed to be the go-to-person on your team for health, wellness, injury recognition,safe and proper recovery and return to play procedures.

This program is targeted at volunteers who find themselves in the role of a Safety Person. It may be one of the following:

  1. Coach
  2. Assistant Coach
  3. Parent who helps out
  4. Team Manager
  5. Drivers - for out-of-town games

Certification is based on 100% completion of the online Hockey University- Safety program. There is no equivalency for this course.

All Hockey Alberta teams must have one (1) person registered to their team that has completed the Hockey Canada Safety Program and be at all games.

The certification for this program is valid for a period of three (3) hockey seasons from the date completion (expiring on September 1st).

For those that have previously taken the in person Hockey Canada Safety Program and have since had certification expire, completion of the Hockey University-Safety course will be required.


The Level II component of the Hockey Canada Safety Program (HCSP) is given to those who have completed the Hockey Canada Safety Program and have completed Standard First Aid or are medical professionals. Each participant wanting to be recognized at Level II must provide proof of certification at the above levels to the Hockey Alberta office. The participant will then be updated to Level II in HCR and provided a record of their new level and expiry date, as long as their Hockey Canada Safety Program is valid at that time. This level will extend their HCSP certification to six years.

HCSP Level 2 Application Form