Development 1

The NCCP Development 1 course is a two day clinic where coaches attend 13 hours of classroom and 3 hours of on-ice instruction and/or observation. The Development 1 course will provide a foundation for coaches coaching in the competitive streams in the following areas:

  • Drill Progressions and regressions
  • Skills analysis
  • Seasonal planning
  • Linking individual skills and tactics
  • Team building and team tactics
  • Goaltending

Coaches learn to motivate and lead athletes as they move into a competitive environment, build age and competition-appropriate practice plans, while giving players a solid understanding of skills and strategies needed to compete.

Coaches must attend 100% of the two day Development 1 clinic. Upon completion all coaches will be considered “Trained”. To obtain "Certified" status, all post-task items must be successfully completed.

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Coaches must complete the written assignment sent to them after 100% attendance in the in-person clinic. Assignment topics include:

   1 - Coach Development Plan
   2 - Design an EAP
   3 - Video Skills Analysis
   4 - Plan three practices, and a self assessment

Completed assignments are to be submitted by December 31, 2017 to:

Attn: Stacey Pattison
Hockey Alberta
100 College Blvd Box 5005, Rm 2606
Red Deer, AB T4N 5H5

This course is free for you to take through the Coaching Association of Canada’s "The Locker" and is a requirement of the Development 1 Certification process.

The MED Online Evaluation takes approximately 60 minutes to complete, where coaches will be provided the opportunity to apply the skills learned in the workshop to real-life situations. By successfully completing the MED evaluation, coaches will have demonstrated the ability to handle virtually any ethical situation with confidence.

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Once the post-task has been approved as satisfactory, and the MED course has is complete, coaches will receive a letter outlining eligibility to complete a Field Evaluation, which consists of the development of an Emergency Action Plan and 1 practice observation.

The first three steps must be successfully completed, or your request to register for a Field Evaluation will be denied.

Upon the completion of all 4 steps at the Development 1 level, coaches will move from Trained to Certified status.