Coach 1 & 2

By offering both a Coach 1 - Intro to Coach and a Coach 2 - Coach Level course, Hockey Alberta can provide coach instruction better targeted towards the age of athlete coaches are working with. It has been determined that needs of coaches at the Initiation and Novice level are in greater alignment and thus the change of requirement from Coach 2 - Coach Level to Coach 1 - Intro to Coach.

Coach 1 - Intro to Coach is not necessarily targeted to the inexperienced coach. This program shows coaches how to teach hockey’s basic skills while keeping the theme of their practices with an emphasis on fun and fundamentals. Coach 1 reviews the basic tools they will need in the areas of leadership, communication, teaching skills, and lesson planning. All this is taught with the special considerations of the youngest athletes in mind

Coach 1 and 2 emphasizes basic skills and the importance of having players develop confidence, self-esteem and a love for the game.

Manuals with progressive practice plans are provided at each in-person clinic, these help to eliminate much of the planning necessary to ensure a fun and effective practice and remove much of the demand from coaches who often find themselves with little time to plan their practices.


Hockey University – ONLINE - COACH 1/2 is the first step to being a “Trained” coach in the Coach Stream. It is a 12-module course that is completed as a 4 hour online session, and covers the theory components of the program. The Online component is not recognized as fully completed until the survey at the end is complete.

Once registration has been completed in the *HU-ONLINE COACH 1/2, coaches are able to enroll in a in-person clinic in their region. The assumption for the in-person clinics would be that coaches are coming in with the knowledge base from the *HU-ONLINE COACH 1/2.

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The in-person clinic will combine both classroom (4 hrs) and on-ice components (1.5 hrs). Coaches will learn the importance of skill development, skill progressions, practice delivery and resource utilization. The on-ice session will offer a practical learning and sharing environment for all coaches.

Once you have registered for the *HU-ONLINE-COACH 1/2 coaches are to enroll in a in-person Coach Stream course. Please check Coach Education Requirements to ensure attendance in the appropriate Coach Stream Level course.

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Coaches will be considered “Trained” based on 100% completion of the *HU-ONLINE-COACH 1/2 online course and 100% attendance at the in-person Coach 1 or 2 course. Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta only require "Trained" status for those with Coach 1 and/or 2.

Please ensure that the Coach Requirements are fully understood for yourself as well as team, and that the Coach Education Requirements have been fulfilled.