Procedures for Obtaining a Certificate

Complete the Certificate of Insurance Request Form in full. Please note that abbreviations are NOT accepted. The following information is required to pursue a certificate of insurance:

  • Approval, in writing, from acting President of the local Minor Hockey Association
  • Approval from Hockey Alberta Game and Conduct Management Committee
  • Name and address of premises you will be occupying
  • Type of event being conducted on those premises
  • Date of event
  • Copy of contract you are being requested to sign for use of that facility
  • Amount of liability insurance coverage that is being requested by the facility owner

Only after these steps are completed, Hockey Alberta will send this request to B.F Lorenzetti to request a form/certificate of insurance.

Send request form, with any additional documentation to Hockey Alberta – Attention: Allison Marriott.

Fax: (403) 346-4277

Please allow 7-10 business days for processing.

Certificate of Insurance Request

Directors and Officer’s Liability (pdf)